The new kid on the block and the legend.

Traveling between Sweden , Romania and southern France make me often reflect on how to work with tourism in Romania even more !

Côte d’Azur is a traveler classique , a pro in this context , and Romania is just restarting incoming tourism from abroad.

I can see what is missing in Romania and I can see what are the strengths here at the Riviera. Here everything runs smoothly ! The infrastructure works and people are always willing to help and provide service. Here , on the other side , you really have to know where to go, in order to have authentic experiences .

In Romania there is still a big lack of certain infra structure ( however getting better bit by bit ) and the service levels at tourist places are highly varied and really needs to be pushed forward.

In Romania however , the authentic experiences are not far away and you , as a traveler is often met with open arms.

Yeah , I travel between two extremes in a way. The new kid on the block and the legend. Romania and France.

But now I’m on my way to Sweden and the efficacité of the Scandinavian society.

All places have their strengths and their areas of needed amelioration.

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