One Item Collection of Donations : 1/5 – 31/5.

One Item is a privately initiated collection of donations to the Valea Screzii community in Romania. I, Yvette Larsson has , together with students, parents and teachers at school, collected donations 5 times. This will be the 6th time.

Take a look here : One Item May 2018

I have visited the community several times and I am amazed by the work of the staff there and how they work with the orphans in the village. There are also elderly people and young mothers living there.

This collection will take place during the month of May: 1/5-31/5.

If you wish to donate you can do so as accordingly : 

Place : the Petri building / PYP building at the International School of Helsingborg.

07:50-8:15 every weekday.
13:50 Tuesday and Friday.
14:45 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You need to email me to let me now exactly what date and time you will be coming with your donations, and I will come out, by the school entrance , to receive your donations and bring them in. You should not go inside the school building with your items.

Email :

Students at MYP can help out as a Service in Action. They must contact me on beforehand. Most of the help needed will be at the end of May ( date TBC ) as we need to sort and pack the donations.

Parents and younger students are also much welcomed to donate their time by sorting and packing the donations. ( date tbc ).

This is what is needed : 

Everything that is needed for a household with children.
– Bikes for young adults
– Bikes for kids
– Household equipment
– Furniture
– Clothes

– Summer games toys and equipment 

Fun to have :
– Football shoes and football training clothes. 

Money donations:

– Please contact me for SWISH details. 


Packaging :  Please pack your donations in big plastic bags as much as possible. Boxes for more bulky things.

Please write clearly what it is inside your plastic bag or box.

Volunteering in Romania :

If you wish to volunteer during the summer you can contact me for more details. During the long summer holidays it is much appreciated with volunteers coming to play, do sports and make hikes with the children.  Many of the children speak English as the community sometimes receives foreign volunteers. 

One Item has a Facebook page,  where you can see some pictures from previous collections. You can also find information about it here at The Bucharest Lounge.

One Item connects well to the IB and ISH values of being a caring citizen of the world , making the world a better place.  It also connects well with the Helsingborg Kommun Vision 2035 of being a global, creating ( skapande )  citizen. 

I hope to see you !

Yvette Larsson
Swedish teacher

The International School of Helsingborg.

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