Discover Romania now, before the rest of the world finds out. 

By Yvette Larsson 

Belgian traveler Jurga from Jurga – Full Suitcase  visited Bucharest in May. Now she wish to come back !

Jurga, your blogpost 12 Hidden Gems of Bucharest That Most Tourists Never See  was read, loved and widely shared at The Bucharest Lounge. I am of course curious to know how that angle , that perspective came about ?  
When I started writing about the highlights of Bucharest , I quickly realised that it didn’t completely portray the real Bucharest that I came to know during my visit. While I was impressed with the Palace of Parliament, my very best memories from this city trip weren’t related to the famous landmarks.

As one of the participants of the #ExperienceBucharest press event, I was lucky to discover the less-known side of Bucharest with some amazing local guides. They showed me the other side of the city, one I didn’t find in the travel guides that I had read when preparing my trip to Bucharest. And so this idea for a blog post was born, because I wanted to share my experience with others, and show my readers that Bucharest is full of surprises.

From the moment you shared the article on the Bucharest Lounge Facebook page, it just exploded. In just a few days it has been shared thousands of times and read by almost 15,000 people. So I guess those hidden gems will not stay hidden for much longer. 🙂

I am very happy to hear this.  It’s very positive that your article had such spread, as that helps widening the perspective of Bucharest  as a European capital and city destination. 

Could you please tell us a bit about your platform ” Full Suitcase ” , how did it all start ?

The funny thing is that I don’t even know exactly when I decided to start a blog. I think I was doing some research for one of our upcoming trips and had difficulties finding really useful practical information specifically for families traveling with young children. It seems that not that many people take three toddlers hiking in Australia’s Red Centre or on safari in Namibia and then write about it.

That’s when I realised that we are those people and that we could share our travel experiences and tips to help other families get the most of their trips. That’s how ‘ Full Suitcase ‘ was born.

What does adventure mean for you and your family ?

I can summarise what traveling and adventure means to us in this one sentence: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Adventure to us is about all those first-times, about the new, the undiscovered.

How do you think traveling makes the world a better place ?

Those who travel are usually more open-minded and tolerant to each other. It makes you realise that people are the same all over the world.

Well said ! I agree with you fully ! 

Now, something a bit more arty : if Bucharest was a song, what kind of a song would it be ?

Can’t Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake If you spend a summer weekend in Bucharest Old Town, you will know why.

What would you say to people who are sceptical traveling to Romania ?

I was one of those people, very sceptical in fact. Bucharest exceeded all my expectations and showed me once again that being open to new experiences can lead to some incredible discoveries. Can’t wait to return and explore more of Romania.

I am so happy to hear you say this. Your answer, I dare say, represent a majority of travellers and was one of the reasons the #ExperienceBucharest event came about. 


What was the most surprising part of Romania, in your view ?

I only visited Bucharest and haven’t been to the rest of the country recently. Bucharest surprised me in many ways! It’s a bustling city that has undergone an incredible transformation in the last couple of years, and I have the feeling that it’s just the beginning.

Bucharest is, in my view, like a hidden treasure box with beautiful gems inside . Which were your own Bucharest gems ?

You can read all about my Bucharest gems on my blog (Full Suitcase – Hidden Gems ). But the very biggest gem were the people I met. Romanian people are incredibly kind and friendly!

I saw that you mentioned the Village Museum as a place worth visit and especially with kids. Can you tell us a bit more abut that ?

If you have children, then you probably know that kids and museums usually don’t go well together. But an open-air museum is always a big success with kids! The Village Museum gives you a good insight in Romanian history, kids will love exploring all those old buildings, and at the same time it’s such a nice place to hang around when the weather is nice. On top of that, it’s located just next door to Herăstrău Park, the biggest park of Bucharest, where you can walk, bike, go on a boat, or get an ice-cream and enjoy the views over the lake. When we go back to Bucharest, Village Museum will be one of the first places to visit with our kids.

Anything else you would like to add, that I didn’t cover with the questions ?

I want to inspire people to visit Bucharest and the rest of Romania, and explore deeper, go a bit more off the beaten path. Romania is full of surprises, so go now and discover before the rest of the world finds out!


You can connect with Jurga from Full Suitcase here :







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