Magical surprises and heartwarming  stories ! Romania offers beauty that captures the heart.

Interviewing the  creators of Adaras Blogazine : Ida Josefin Eriksson and Simon Hallie Eriksson.

 I was so happy to see more fellow Scandinavians visiting Romania ! 

My compliments, you have a beautiful blog, Instagram feed and Facebook page. How did Adaras Blogazine start and how would you describe your core activities ?

 Thank you so much! I came up with my Blogazine idea during my journalism studies. I’ve been blogging for several years, but wanted to do something different as a lifestyle blogger. So I thought I could combine magazine content with a personal touch. My site has continued to develop and now it’s a travel and lifestyle destination focusing on extraordinary things. 

Romania essentials.

My fiance Simon, who has helped me behind the camera for several years, joined in as a writer in the beginning of 2017 and we still have a lot of exciting ideas to launch. Our motto is “Escape the ordinary”.

What was your idea about Romania before you went to Bucharest ? How would you describe Bucharest now ?

I’ve been in Romania once before when I stayed with a Romanian family in Târgu Neamț. So I knew how welcoming and friendly the people in Romania are, but I had no idea about what you can do and see in the capital. Now that I’ve experienced Bucharest I think it’s such a wonderful city. The nightlife is EPIC and the city is full of magical surprises, contrasts, impressive architecture and heartwarming stories. Bucharest has so much to offer!

What was the most memorable moments in Bucharest ?

Oh my, there are so many. Drinking blue wine in the sunset on a beautiful roof terrace, seeing people dancing with joy in the streets, stepping in under a colorful sea of umbrellas and meeting the welcoming family in one of Bucharest’s poorest areas.

I saw you went to the Bran Castle and the Peles Castle. What were your impressions from those two trips ?

WOW! Going to Dracula’s castle was a dream come true. I mean, who doesn’t want to visit that castle in Transylvania? It’s such a perfect day excursion from Bucharest. I had no idea that I would be able to check off that on my bucket list so I was overjoyed. The tour was amazing and both castles are a must-see! 

What is the beauty of Romania in your view ?

The contrasts. It’s a beautiful and green country with impressive buildings and stunning surroundings. But Romania also offers beauty that captures the heart. It’s about how the poorest of families can welcome you with such warm smiles and lots of laughter or seeing the beauty in decay. It’s beauty that you won’t forget.

How would you describe the style of the Romanians ?

I think the Romanian style is both cool, edgy, traditional and chic – in all areas. Just think about the forward-thinking cafés with unique concepts, to the traditional Romanian blouses (which I adore!) and the colorful never-seen-before shots in bars to the beautiful decay. The style is so mixed!

If Bucharest was a film what film would it be ? If it was a song , what song would it be ?

Ooh so good questions!! However my mind is completely blank right now. But if Bucharest was a film I think it would be in the style of Amélie.

What about cafés an restaurants : which were your favourites and why?

My friend Helena and I spotted the café Acuarela on Instagram and knew that we just had to go there. And it’s one of the best cafés I’ve ever visited! The whole garden is filled with vintage stuff and you can make a watercolor painting while waiting for your food – under an umbrella sky. It’s a true photo paradise! I ordered the best mango lemonade (and an unforgettable hot white chocolate with berries).

Fabulous ! I need to go there too ! Haven’t been ! So is there anything else you wish to add ?

I think Bucharest is a city everyone should visit. It was so much to offer, you get a lot for your money and it’s a city that really widen your world and make you see things in new perspectives.

You can find  Adaras Blogazine here :
All pictures featured in this article were posted with the courtesy of Adaras Blogazine and Helena Gunnare  of OhDarling , who took the pictures of Ida.

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