Spanish traveler Diana Millos is aiming for everyone to discover Romania.

Interviewing Spanish traveler Diana Millos who thinks it’s about time for everyone to discover Romania. 

Diana , you have some amazing pictures on your Instagram

@dianamiaus, from your travels all over the world . Are you a full-time traveler ? How did it all start ? Please tell us more ! 

I wish I was a full-time traveler! Maybe someday soon, but for the time being I’m based in Spain, where I work, and I travel as much as I can – usually once a month.

 I started sharing my trips a few years ago as a hobby but now it has become a fundamental part of my daily life. My Instagram account @dianamiaus is growing non-stop and I love to share the beauty I find around the globe.


Now the Experience Bucharest event is over and I am so curious to know how you describe Bucharest to other travel friends, that have never been to Bucharest – please share with us !

 Bucharest is a hidden gem. It has plenty to offer to the avid traveler and everybody will enjoy the feeling of discovering such an underrated place. I loved the atmosphere in the Old City where just having a coffee in a secluded terrace turnt to be a surprising peaceful experience in such a big city.

 Another great thing about Bucharest is that prices are really cheap! Not only flights to get there are inexpensive, but you can also eat, drink, commute and party without breaking the bank! Why not visiting it, then?

From the 25 things you listed in your article “ 25 cosas que hacer en Bucarest, Rumanía “ which would be your own top 5 favourites and why ?

 It’s such a tough decission to make! I absolutely loved Cismigiu Gardens, I was amazed by the Carturesti Library and exploring Palatul Aderavul abandoned building was a extraordinary experience.

Besides, it was my very first time in a Cat Cafe and visiting a street decorated with so colourful umbrellas! 

To be honest, I loved the 25 things to do… and if I could spend more time in the city I would have listed a few more!

How would you describe Romanian food and wine ? Which dishes and drinks did you try ?

 It’s absolutely delicious! I talked about that in my article too, paying special attention to the awesome variety of lemonades I found in Romania… it made me 100% happy! Also, I’m always up for a glass of wine and I was surprised by the Blue Chardonnay… it’s so special!

Regarding to the food, I have to confess that I’m on my way to become vegetarian… so I mostly enjoyed a huge variety of salads during my days in Bucharest.

 What are the experience that you think would attract the Spanish traveler in Romania ? 

I really believe that Spaniards and Romanians share a common way to enjoy life: we love parties! Romania has way much more to offer but to be honest I think that party would be the number one reason for the majority of the Spanish travelers to visit Bucharest.

 I also believe that most Spaniards love outdoors and hiking, and Romania has plenty to offer in that sense. Next time in the country I will love to visit the Romanian countryside: so far I’ve checked some pictures and I already know that it will be worth it.

Yoga, Terme and rooftop parties sound like a plan when going to Bucharest . Tell me a bit more why you listed them! 

First things first: for me, a city it’s not only about squares, traditional buildings and historic tours. When I visit a new place, I try to do what locals do in their daily lives and imagine what would I do if I lived there. And if I lived in Bucharest, I would definitely had to practice yoga on a weekly basis!

 Secondly, I discovered that Therme existed by asking a Romanian blogger, Olivia, about her favorite places in the city: asking locals’ opinion is the best way to discover the real beauty of a place!

 Finally, rooftop parties were one of the things I loved the most while in Bucharest. It was the time for meeting new people, catching up with others… to sum up, to have fun and enjoy our time in the city. In fact, one of the things I love the most about travelling is the new friends I make! There’s interesting people all over the world.

How does traveling make the world a better place ?

 The biggest perk of travelling is that it broadens your mind. For instance, there are tons of prejudices about Romanians in my country that I would love to see disappeared. Now I’m aiming everyone I know to visit Bucharest and Romania to get to know how friendly and cool the people are there.

What would be your top 3 advice to Romanians who would like to start an Instagram account promoting Romania abroad ?

For me, Instagram is a platform where I share my unique view of the world. Romania is a beautiful and picturesque country and if I had to promote it as a Romanian, I would share the undiscovered spots the country has, inspiring others to explore the country and finding beauty in every corner. I wish I had more time in Romania to do that!

Oh, you asked me for 3 tips! Here we go:

• Find picturesque spots and feature them in a beautiful way, trying to be creative.

• Inspire others to travel there through the captions and start a conversation with your followers!

• Be cohesive in colours, schedules and style! People should recognise that your pictures are yours at first glance. For that, use always the same filters or presets while editing your pictures.

Anything else you would like to add that I didn’t cover ?

I would love to visit more places in Romania soon. Not only Transylvania – which I imagine is in everybody’s lists – but also Brasov, Timisoara and the Danube Delta area. Can’t wait to explore more in this beautiful country!

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All pictures  are published in agreement with Diana Millos. 


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