Tripsget : Stop  hesitating and visit this lovely country ! 

Talking to lovely Liza from Tripsget. 

By : Yvette Larsson. 

Tell me a bit about yourself as a traveler and about Tripsget.

My name is Liza and I run Tripsget Travel Blog together with my husband, Pepe. I started travelling a lot after my semester abroad in Hong Kong back in 2013, so once I reached 35 or 40 countries, I decided to start this blog, mainly to share my travel tips and destination guides with the other fellow travellers. I would say, I’m addicted to travelling, because I just turned 25 and I’ve already been to 56 countries. Tripsget blog is a travel blog for people like me: young, adventurous and working full-time, who still want to explore the world and take the most out of the weekend trips!

Which were the three most memorable moments from your Romania experience ?

I’ve got plenty of memorable moments from Romania, since I visited this lovely country already twice during the last 2 years! The first memorable moment was probably my astonishment, that the Romanian countryside is so beautiful. Another moment was chilling in the Sky bar watching the sunset in Bucharest. And the third moment is probably the castle Peles.

What would you say to those who are sceptical about traveling to Romania ?

I would tell them that Romania is a great place for travelling – it has amazing weather, delicious food, cheap prices and beautiful castles and fortresses! It’s very hard to find this combination elsewhere in Europe.

What has Romania got, that you didn’t specifically found elsewhere ?

Romania (especially Bucharest) got contrasts: decaying buildings next to lavish palaces. Also, the friendliness of the people is just incredible! I got sick in Bucharest and when I went to a café, the waitress saw me coughing and gave me two sachets of honey for free to add to my tea. That was so nice! And I’ve got a couple of stories like this! Moreover, the quality of the food is incredible and the prices are very cheap!

In your view, what would be two key areas to ameliorate when boosting incoming tourism to Romania ?

Maybe local tours & experiences in the countryside and amazing nightlife in Bucharest!

Who would appreciate and love a trip to Romania ?

Pretty much everyone! There are so many things to do for people of all the ages! For example, young people can spend a weekend in Bucharest, going on some Bike tours around the city and visiting the alternative spots and then spend evenings chilling in some lounge bars or going to famous clubs of Bucharest. The families could enjoy Bucharest for a couple of days & learn about the Communist past and cultural heritage of Romania and then head to the countryside. Elder couples could take a bus tour around the city and then take a couple of tours bringing them to the countryside & go on wine tasting tours.

What is that Bucharest atmosphere about ?

It’s about culture, delicious food and great nightlife!

Did you found any favourites when you where in Romania ( food, places, cafés, museums, etc. ? If yes, what precisely ?

I loved the Burger Van bistro – one of the most delicious burgers I ate in my life! Also, the Pura Vida Sky bar was amazing. I was lucky to experience the opening party of ExperienceBucharest event there – and it was incredible. I also liked the castle Peles a lot – it’s now one of my favourite castles!

If anybody is hesitating, whether to visit Romania or not – they should stop hesitating and visit this lovely country!

Read Liza’s article :   7 Reasons to visit Bucharest now

Photos published with the courtesy of Tripsget. 

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