Bucharest may be the next big thing in Europe. 

Interview with Teresa Gomez from Brogan Abroad.

By Yvette Larsson 

I am so curious to hear more about how your journey started in 2016. Tell us what make you take the decision to quite your job and go traveling full time ? How has it been ? What are the best things about traveling ?

I’d always wanted to travel the world, but that idea was always in the back burner while I focused on my career, relationships and life in general. Still, I travelled as often as I could during my holidays, but it wasn’t enough. I built a successful career as a Marketing Manager in the technology industry in London, but for a while something about the direction my life was taking was really bothering me. So it was a bit of a process to come the realisation of what I really wanted to do. After mulling it over for a couple of years, one day I woke up and realised that I did not want to get to a certain age, look back on my life and have any regrets. So I worked out my savings, put a few things in order and I decided to quit my job to got travelling for 6 months, and work out what my next step in life would be. And as it turned out, travelling became my life!

Travelling makes you realise how different we all are, and how similar at the same time. I love learning from other cultures, from their history and I like to combine this with a bit of adventure too. We all have so much to learn from each other, and that can only be achieved when you meet people who are different to you. I also love nature, and I feel we can also learn so much about ourselves from our beautiful planet. And this is why I love travelling so much. You never stop learning and opening your eyes and mind to the world and human nature.

But I have to admit that it hasn’t always been an easy jouney. I’ve had to change my lifestyle and the way I prioritise things. To put it simply, I have never been poorer, but I have never been happier! So if someone asks me if they should quit and throw themselves into it, I’d give a resounding yes as long as they are prepare to make sacrifices.

 I love your high quality photographs from Bucharest. Can you tell us what you think of the city from a photogenique point of view.

Thank you! Bucharest is such a photogenic city if you know where to look. It may not be as obvious when you first look as in cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona, but Bucharest has so much character. This character can be seen in the crumbling old buildings that could tell you a million stories if they could speak, in the quirky hidden alleys and in the modern spaces that show that this exciting city is full of life and has an exciting future ahead.

What did you think of Romania before you came and how has the trip in May changed your view ?

To be honest I did not know much about Romania before I visited Bucharest except for what everyone knows… Dracula – sorry, I know it’s a cliche. But I did have a (totally unfounded!) image in my head of Bucharest as a bit of a soulless city, a conglomeration of concrete blocks. And how wrong I was! In fact, it is totally the opposite. It has bagfuls of charater!

I didn’t get to explore Romania outside of Bucharest, but what I saw in the capital was a city that is very proud of its own traditions but it’s also offering their open arms to the world to come and visit.

 I got the feeling that Bucharest is about to become the next big thing in Europe. There are so many exciting things happening in this city. And I feel it is not more popular as a destination because people don’t know about it.

What would you say to people who are still sceptical about Romania ?

I’d say just go and see for yourself! I’d tell them that I was blown away by Bucharest, and that I am planning to go back so I can explore the rest of the country. The people I met were so welcoming, strangers in the street who thought I may be lost were so helpful. The foodie and coffee scene is not even up and coming… it’s exploding! And the nightlife… Romanians can party!

Which were your own special , memorable moments in Bucharest ?

There are a few, but dancing in the street on Saturday night has to be up there. I think it’s incredible that a group of people has created this phenomenom without expecting anything in return. Just because they want to have fun. And I love that so many people just join in. What fantastic way to spend an evening!

How does the history of Romania speak to you when you wander the streets of Bucharest ?

I look around the cobbled streets and the buildings from before and during communist times, and it makes me wonder about the stories of people that built them and lived in them. It makes me think about the changes that the people of Bucharest have gone through all the way to today. I feel those changes feel very present.

You had your photograph from Carturesti Carusel published on Fodor’s, congratulations ! What do you search for when you work as a photographer ?

Thank you. I tend to go for striking light, patterns, sometimes a bit of colour or symmetry and I also like to incorporate the odd person – a passer by perhaps – to inject a bit of life into my shots. I don’t consciously look for these things, but I have realised that I tend to gravitate towards them as they catch my eye.

If you were to describe Bucharest with three words , what would you say ?

Exciting, passionate and full of character.

Anything else you wish to add ?

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to tell you my story and about my experience in Bucharest. And I would also like to thank the organisers and volunteers of #ExperienceBucharest for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. They did a sterling job and their hard work and passion for their city really shone through.

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The photos that were featured in this article were used with the courtesy of the photographer Teresa Gomez.

2 thoughts on “Bucharest may be the next big thing in Europe. 

  1. Hello Just back home from a month in hot Senegal I read your excellent lines about travelling and about Romania in particular. As I meanwhile have got some larger idea about your Country I am glad to find your comments. I was a teacher in a lycée in Luxembourg and after having retired I travel a lot and try to learn about other countries,to meet new People and to hear new ideas. I live in Luxembourg and in Paris and look Forward to read you and (hopefully) to meet you one day. With warm regards Joseph SCHOLTES,Prof.Ing.Dipl.

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