Your true calling : Daniela Ion sings with the depths of ancient, Romanian times. 

It’s Friday and I hope you will have a FANTASTIC weekend ! Listen to the song  I am who I am  by Romanian born , Australian based Daniela Ion. 

I find it so beautiful , like an echo from a sacred , ancient time , taken to today , and it reveals a longing for Romania and a longing for authenticity and real experiences …. be who you are … so simply said , but so easy to get distracted . 


Check out her work here :

” Born in Romania and highly influenced by the traditional sounds of folk songs and pop music, her song ‘I Am Who I Am’ is a product of her creative spirit, literally transcending from a dream into enlightened melody, therapeutic, even healing in the message it carries, being one of love, hope and inspiration.” 

Spotify :
” The song is a all about the inner awakening of your true calling and destiny. The melody and lyrics are captured from the ancient hidden mysteries of existence and how music can resurrect dreams and passions that were once left behind. A few years ago the song came to me through a dream and it evolved from there. The melodic vocalisations are there to invite you into a journey of remembering and activating your creativity again.” 

I love your music , Daniela ! 

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