A road trip beyond imagination. 

Khurum Khan is a U.K based filmmaker and photographer who went on a road trip to discover the beauty of Romania , earlier in the spring this year. 

Enjoy his photographical, soulful story ! 

” Me and a group of friends went out on a road journey to explore the natural beauty of Romania. 

We were on search to find what made Romania a beautiful country and the best place for us to start was Brasov, which was surrounded by amazing landscapes.

We visited the Bucegi Mountains, Rasnov Citadel, Bran Castle, Cascada Bilea and Lacul Bolboci.

A road journey which started off in Bucharest and 3 days of driving led us to incredible places, beyond our imagination.”

Here you can find out more about Khurum’s work : 

Instagram : 


Youtube : 


Facebook : www.facebook.com/khurumfilmmaker
Web : 


BIO : 

Khurum Khan is a London based award winning filmmaker who specialises in creating cinematic videos and portrait, lifestyle and travel photography. His short film ‘Musafir’ was nominated as Best UK film at the prestigious Raindance film festival in 2012, which is a Bafta recognised festival. 

Over the years Khurum has travelled around the world shooting documentaries. His most notable one being ‘Road to Indus Valley’, were he travelled through 13 countries from England to Pakistan. The documentary featured on Sky TV. Currently he’s shooting travel videos of his journey and hoping to inspire young filmmakers. 

Friends of Khurum and part of the project , find them on Instagram: 



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