The Romanian decorative Easter eggs.

COLLABORATION with Romanian Art&Craft

The decorative, Romanian eggs are true pieces of art.  They are the beautiful expressions of the person who  made the egg. The eggs are also the song sung from generations before us !

It struck me , again  and again, how rich the Romanian soul is and how artistic the Romanians are. Take a look here !

The eggs are colourful  eye-catchers and traditionally made with natural colours. They have a place in most Romania homes during Easter.  There is an infinite number of pattern combinations.

Take a look at the beautiful film of the decorating the eggs. I am completely amazed by the detailed work of the artist.

Check out : “Art&Craft supports Romanian Artisans” and watch inspirational videos to 

discover more craftsmen and artisans : Art&Craft films


In Vama, Bucovina, there is even the Museum of Decorated Eggs where you can see dyed and decorated eggs. Mrs. Letitia Orsvischi, artisan and creator  initiated the museum.

Photos are published according to the agreement with Romanian Art&Craft. 



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