Facebook Takeover : Bianca Tudor, Romanian Entrepreneur. 

I asked a few inspirational Romanians to share a day in their lives . Bianca Tudor, entrepreneur in Constanta starts. 
” My day in Constanta.
I am filming Q&A session at Graphtec Design marketing company in Constanta. 

Being the founder of Elite Business Women is a responsability for entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs in particular.
We want to be there for entrepreneurs with real support, so this is the lauching session of our first Q&A by Elite Business Women, answering to your questions about your challenges in business. My guest is Magda Bei, CEO Graphtec Design, a woman with 20+ years of business experience, and 19 years in the market with Graphtec Design.

Elite Business Women delivering the 20th session of ELITE Business Club, a workshop for the companies in the SME sector aiming to help entrepreneurs and business owners to pitch their business model and learn from the experience of our Speakers, business owners with experience.

At the sea side- I love the sea, water in general, I feel it is calming my dynamic personality.

So even though I have a lot of work organising and moderating business events in Constanta, I take time for myself, to breath and feel grateful for the strenght I have and for the blessing I received of helping women being independent. ELITE is about women being independent and leading their lives, instead of being led by life.

One of my personal motto is – Do what you love and love what you do! As simple as that!

I do have lots of challenges, I do feel sometimes I want to give up, I do have days working 10-12-14 hours/day, I do have issues thinking about my business, paying salaries and invoices, but at the end of the day, you have to find your ‘DE CE” “Why are doing this” and just embrace your role!”

Bianca Tudor, 



Bianca Tudor

Elite Women

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