How to promote Romania successfully on Instagram. Interview with Radu Nita from Romania Pitoreasca. 

Interview : romaniapitoreasca 

I learnt to know about you from  ig_romania which is an Instagram account where you promote and share beautiful stories from Romania. First of all, who is the person behind this account ? Tell us more about yourself and why you choose to start the account !

My name is Radu Nita, I am 33 years old and I am a Graphic Designer and a Project Coordinator for Softwin. I have strengthened my passion for photography almost 2 years ago when I started my personal Instagram account. It helped me understand many things about photography composition and how things that are normally passable in reality could become fantastically attractive in a photograph. 

 On Instagram I saw amazing journeys of many talented photographers and their stunning frames from countries like Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland, New Zealand etc, frequently re-posted by the biggest feature accounts, which made me wish to travel as much as I can, wherever that would be. I have seen tons of artistic photos about Romania as well, but they were not promoted just as much. This is how and why I chose to start @romaniapitoreasca, my first feature account.

Recently I’ve started two other accounts where I’m promoting Romania under different other forms, @romanianportraits where beauty has no age and, because food, beauty, and travel go together and are ageless. I have also taken over the @ig_romania and @discoverbucharest accounts.

If you would take a foreigner on a ’ First time to Romania Tour’ , where would you go and why ?

I’m thinking of a journey back in time: a Transylvanian medieval castles and fortified churches tour would is a perfect fit for every kind of tourist. For the most part, cities and villages as Sighisoara, Sibiu, Biertan or Viscri are windows into the authentic Medieval Europe, something you’ll find nowhere else. Certainly I wouldn’t miss the chance to give him a ride on Transfagarasan, which is full of breathtaking sceneries.


There is an incredible warmth in the pictures you share in your feed : what is the soul of Romania for you ?

I think people make the soul of a country. The social media helps us discover easily beautiful people, with a great visual education, able to transmit their feelings through images. I was pleasantly surprised seeing so many users doing it at a high level, they are a real inspiration to me and I’m very grateful to them for this. 

 What value has Romania to offer to the world, in your view ?

There are so many things that Romania has to offer to the world. Besides the diverse landscape we’re lucky to have, Romania is represented best by its simplicity. The rural life and the traditions in Maramures prove it so well. Superb landscapes, unspoiled nature, old villages with well-kept traditions, accommodation in very well equipped old traditional houses, great organic food prepared by local ladies with ingredients grown in their own gardens. Once you try it, you don’t wanna leave!



Which are your own special fields of interest when it comes to your Romanian Life ?

I am always on the look to discover new things. Even if it is about places I have seen many times–there will always be some more unnoticed perspectives. Getting out with friends has an important place as well in my main activities.

Why, do you think, has your Instagram accounts about Romania become such a success ? What tips can you give others who wish to grow their Instagram accounts within the field of travel in Romania and country branding ?

 This is a difficult question. I was pleasantly surprised too seeing the impact that @romaniapitoreasca had on the instagramers. Probably because I tried to promote only the artistic photographies about Romania, breathtaking landscapes with a strong visual impact, frames that make you wanna see those places time and time again. There is a big difference between a photography and a simple shot! At the same time, most users who view my pics are Romanians that live abroad and they are very keen on checking on images from their homeland, photos that present what their home country has to offer.

 Also, we all love to travel, but the most of us can not afford to do it as much as we want to, so why not trying to take a good capture when it happens? Probably we won’t have a second chance to return and definitely these photos won’t be forgotten. That is why we should leave the emotions come first and only then get the camera to catch them.

 Is there a business connected to your activities ?

 No, it’s only a hobby at the moment 🙂

 Which areas do you think are still in the area of unlocked potential, when it comes to incoming travels to Romania from abroad ?

The first place that comes to mind is the Danube Delta. Although it doesn’t go unnoticed with the foreigners, its tourist potential is not properly explored and many times it appears as a tourist trap. Other places are Transalpina and various tourist spots on the course of the Danube, for example. 

 Any other aspects that you wish to share

I would like to thank to my wonderful team who help me in all these projects: Adrian Dan, Alexandru Dragan, and Ionelia Vlad. You can check out their profiles; you will find there many awesome visual stories as well.

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