” I never want to leave this place” American travelers from ” Find Us Lost ” visit Romania.



American travelers from Find Us Lost  visit Romania and fall in love with the country.

Find us Lost – Instagram , you caught my interest when you shared beautiful photos from Romania some time ago , with comments like ” Never want to leave this place”. I am wondering how your travel project started ?

Jacob: We left Los Angeles in March 2016 to move to Europe. Our plan was to find an apartment in Amsterdam (Selena has Dutch roots), but we wanted to spend time traveling first so we planned a road trip through Europe. We had started our Instagram, @finduslost, initially just to share photos with friends and family, but it quickly grew into much more. As time went on Selena decided to also create our travelblog to share travel guides. We’ve always loved traveling, but moving to a completely new place has just given us more reason to explore!

Who are Selena and Jacob , the couple behind this successful Instagram feed ?

Selena: We’re pretty normal! We met in our early 20’s at college in southern California. When we graduated we lived in Los Angeles for a few years and talked often about what it would be like to move to Europe. Once we started looking at places to live together we realized that we didn’t want to commit long-term to staying in Los Angeles. So, we pulled the trigger – sold our belongings, moved into Jacob’s parent’s house to save money, and then left! We’re now both working remotely and traveling as much as we can.



What was the ” Never want to leave this place ” about ?

Selena: I really fell in love with Romania while there. It felt very comfortable to me, and everyone we met was so kind and welcoming. I could see myself spending a lot of time there, especially in Brasov!



4) What brought you to Romania ?

Jacob: Selena saw a photo from Transylvania awhile back and immediately wanted to go. We both love visiting countries and cities that are a little less traveled to. These kinds of trips always end up being our favorite because they feel more undiscovered and our experiences there feel more unique.


5 ) What was your impressions about Romania before you traveled there and how did the impressions fit with what you met there ?

 Selena: I had seen a number of photos, but I tried to leave a lot of the planning for our trip until we arrived. I really wanted to see the Transylvania region because the countryside looked beautiful, and it did not disappoint. I loved how much there was to see within the region, specifically the small towns which had so much character and history. We loved driving around and pulling over if we saw something that caught our eye.


6) I saw you traveled in Transylvania. What did you see and do there? Did you visit any other areas in Romania ?

Jacob: We visited Brasov, Poiana Brasov, Rasnov, Sighisoara, and Sinaia. We also stayed a few days in Bucharest. Each city was totally unique and had it’s own history and identity. It felt like there was so much left to explore in Romania, we would definitely go back to see Cluj-Napoca and more of the northern part of the country – maybe during Summer so we can experience Romania in a different way!



7) What value has Romania to offer to the world, in your view ?

Selena: Romania is very rich in history and there’s so much to discover. You can have such a different experience there – discovering hidden gems in Bucharest, walking through the pastel buildings in Brasov, exploring the old town of Sighisoara. The locals we met were very friendly to us and took a genuine interest in our trip. We really enjoyed our time there and would definitely recommend it to friends.


Romania is building up its travel sector. What would be your input in what are the strengths of Romania as a travel destination ?

Jacob: Romania’s natural beauty, architecture and history make it a unique and amazing destination. Brasov exemplifies this with its beautiful old city center wedged between snow-capped mountains and ski resorts.

 Selena: And Transylvania as a whole is so fascinating! I loved learning more about Romania’s history when we visited Bran Castle in particular. It just left me wanting more.



I am, like you a constant traveler, and I am wondering what is it in traveling that YOU love so much ?


Selena: I feel like the more I see of the world, the more I want to travel. I definitely have serious wanderlust! There’s nothing that makes me happier than experiencing a new place from my own perspective and finding beauty in all the places we travel to.



Any other aspects that you wish to share with the Bucharest Lounge crowd ?

 Jacob: Everyone we met in Romania was incredibly hospitable and kind. So often, in more crowded tourist destinations, it can be difficult to find genuine interactions with locals. During our time in Romania we found that people we eager to engage in conversation and share things about their lives and their country that made our experience there more special.


Check out the beautiful blog here  : Find us Lost – blog






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