Travel Fair in Oslo 

I’m on my way to Oslo tonight to participate in Norway’s biggest Travel Fair at the Telenor Arena tomorrow . 

I will make a presentation about Romania at the Fair. 

Together with Cristian Turc I will represent Romania via and

Please use hashtag : #RomanianAmbassador

4 thoughts on “Travel Fair in Oslo 

  1. hope you’ve mentioned in your speech that Romania is the very forefront of Occident today

    with all what FOREFRONT position implies:

    dominant western values, deep inside people beliefs
    and Latin heart, not Slavic

    a mix of many influences (weakness? richness?) influence of which Europe was shielded against:
    – 45 recent years of forcefully imposed communism from East (against our will)
    ~ 500 years of fighting against Turks and accommodating their influence (culturally different)
    – Latin heart not Anglo-Saxon
    etc …

  2. What’s in the mind of those idiotic politicians?

    Look at this country!
    It seems so idiotic to bend the rule of justice! in a democracy
    Hungary. Poland. now Romania. similar recently (and Romania is the least bad in this class)
    It is the PAIN of CHANGE

    Causalities of fast change
    Fast change leaves some scars behind
    What’s in the mind of those idiotic politicians?
    Many Romanian politicians, have some small abuses on their track record playing under old rules. They have learnt the rules of administration on the job two decades ago, but are now judged under new dominant rules and values in Romania. These politicians and their families feel receiving unfair punishments, with rules of the game changing in play. So, they make huge efforts to bend a little bit the law for the past. To make it fair 🙂

    Similar thing happen even in US with Donald Trump. A rebellion of the white US man imposed to live in a politically correct world. The white US man is punished by law if he innocently harasses a women, is punished by law if he makes jokes on black people. He also does not always understand all nuances of a nice politically correct statement today. And perceives injustice. 5% US unemployment is low, does not normally trigger a political rebellion. It’s the rebellion of a relevant mass of population after a change in dominant values.

    A CORRECTION – like the stock market reacts after any GROWTH.

  3. I write with my last comment on your site

    demonstrations are still very hot in Bucharest and country-wide
    200.000+ people on streets! peaceful and persistent. day after day!
    huge crowd manifest spontaneously for GOV TRANSPARENCY
    (manifesting for a pure principle, for nothing else, not even for gov to resign)

    God knows how things will unfold from now on

    but what I see looks very optimistic

    this Romanian crisis is SEED of a strong next ADVANCE for Romania
    quality of civic spirit is very important especially at stage Romania is now

    Nice irony is that ruling politicians keep saying: “all those people do not really understand the law…” :-). Nice. We will soon mark a generation shift in Romanian political thinking (finally)

    Few years ago, a big prior key step toward authentic democracy in Romania was separating Presidential elections vs. Parliament elections (2 years in between, and decided on top of all EU requirements). This separation produced an ongoing executive conflict but very healthy power balance in Romania. Fruits we see now. Healthy. This ongoing inner fight distills the truth for good (beyond all tensions we see).

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