Spoons with stories.

The sun / simbol solar : Represents divinity and is placed on different objects to in order to protect the person who uses the object.

The spinning sun / soarele rotitor: The symbol of permanent transformations. It has 12 rays that represents the 12 months of the year and the continuous time that passes.

The rooster / cocosul: The symbol of hope, because the rooster’s song drives away darkness and evil spirits, and it announces the sunrise, which is giving hope.

The circle of life  / cercul vietii: the symbol is formed by a bird – the air, a snake – the land and a fish- the water, which eat one another and in this way, life starts endlessly over again.

Solviorul: the guide of the soul in “the other world”. People used to think that there was a bird that stayed for 40 days under the eaves of the house  of a dead person, and that the bird guided one’s soul on the good road.

The eagle / vulturul: the symbol of power, being considered as the king of all birds.It used to appear on a coat of arms, which was worn by people from the upper class, by leaders.

The owl / bufnita: it is considered as the symbol of wisdom because, from a spiritual point of view, it can see when others can’t, in the darkness of ignorance.

The snake / sarpele: it is considered to protect the spirit  from the house that the snake lived next to. Living on the ground, the snake is considered to bring protective energies from the ancestors spirits.

Dragobetele : is the symbol of lovers, embodied by two birds placed face to face, because they have only eyes for each other. Variation : 1. two birds faced with an owl above them means lovers guided by wisdom. 2. two birds faced with a solar symbol above them means lovers protected by divinity.

The twin spoon / lingura ingemanata ( a mirilor) : is used once in a lifetime : on the wedding night, when the bride and the groom were eating boiled wheat from the same bowl with the same spoon. On the handle of the spoon there are two birds placed back to back with a heart ( love ) which unites them, cleaving a frog ( symbol of evil ) in the lower part of the spoon. This arrangement suggests that the groom and bride are united by love, defeat the evil, fighting like warriors back to back, paying attention to dangerous things which can appear from all directions. Briefly, the significance is that the two should be united and love each other for the rest of their lives.

Symbol of abundance / simbolul belsugului : represented by a stylized ear of wheat.

Symbol of happiness / simbolul fericirii: The peacock is considered to be the bird of paradise.

Life column / Coloana vietii : is represented by a pole like a porch column. It is considered that it unites heaven and earth, representing the soleground and the roof of the house representing the sky. It signifies the connection between heaven and earth, human aspiration to divinity and the relationship between man and divinity.

Water / Apa : the source of life represented by  a winding line suggesting the movement of the water.

Symbol of courage, virility and fertility / Simbolul curajului, virilitatii si fertilitatii: represented by the ram’s horn.

Hora, the dance of birds / Hora dansul pasarilor: represented by a succesion of heads of birds places face to face ( beak to beak) as a multiplication of the symbol of love ( dragobete) , suggested that life can be perpetuated only through love.

Hora, the dance of animals / Hora dansul animalelor : represented by three wolves heads in a circle, rotating with the sun and the significance of the life cycle in which each eat each, in life to be resumed over and over, a continuous transformation of material elements that supports life o earth.

Seraphim / Serafim : angel with six wings, represented frequently on monks spoons.

Tree of life / pomul vietii : represented by a highly stylized tree. The fir tree is is considered to be the tree of eternal life.

Source : Marian Viorel

The stork is a luck symbol. In Romanian folk tradition they used to say that when a stork makes her nest on a house she protects it from fires, floods and thieves.

The Maramures Spoon are mostly with geometric forms with solar symbols like “the morning sun symbol”, or Christian symbols.

Source : http://thespoonman.ro/

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