Presenting the Romanian Regions. Illustrative map made by Cristina Caramida, for the Bucharest Lounge. 

Travellers know fairly well of Tuscany and Provence. Now it is time to introduce some new names on the travellers itinerary .

Let us introduce to you the Romanian regions : Banat, Bucovina, Crisana, Dobrogea, Maramures, Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia and  Transylvania.




Cristina Caramida has made this wonderful illustration for the Bucharest Lounge.

Get to know her here :

Cristina is a graphic designer, art-director, an illustrator, surface designer and a creative thinker.
She developed her own collaborative approach and managed to establish a strong connection with her clients by using a technique based on documenting the early stages of the design process.

She is one of the founders of and Home Creators.

Within 10 years in the creative industry, her work is noted in Design and Design book of the year, Css Award, CSSDA Award.

Also the founder of Donez Design project, a unique design concept that offers graphic design services in exchange of donations and good deeds from companies to good causes.
The value generated in giving back to world community is 56.000 euros in products donations.

This project brought Cubrain the title “Best innovative company in Romania 2015”.
From early stages, Cristina was passionate about winning international contests on various art departments, from ceramic, to graphic and photography.
In 2009 she graduated from the National University of Arts – Bucharest – the Design section, and her interest and passions made her a complete artist.

Clients that she worked for include: Whiskas, Pedigree, Villeroy & Boch, OMV, Petrom, A&D Pharma, Sensi Blu, Unicef, LOQI, Dr. Oetker; to also smaller business as: The Sensi Blue Foundation, Oua de la Bunici, Tiffin EMBA, Asociatia ProVita, Dani Otil and many more.

Passionate about her work, Cristina undertakes each project with an open mind, allowing the innovative side to be guided by her imaginative spirit. She believes that the original idea must be relevant to the client and the targeted audience as much as for herself.

Areas of Expertise:
Visual Communication

Identity Design

Logo Design

Packaging Design

Campaign Development

Information Graphics

Web Design


Surface & Textile design

Happy to welcome you with a friendly hello at: / instagram: cristina.caramida / / Studio address: Negustori 34, ap 3, Bucharest

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