Alina Goga from the Mandra Chic Workshop in Salaj made the Bucharest Lounge T-shirt.

This T shirt is made by Mandra Chic.

Read Alina Zara Prunean’s words as she  tells  the story of the making of The Bucharest Lounge T-shirt.

“Alina Goga  is a member of the Mandra Chic of Salaj Work Group and  accepted the challenge of sewing the logo for The Bucharest Lounge. 

I have drawn in small crosses the pattern from inside the logo, I have sewn in “butuci”, old type of sewing point. I chose to do so as this way of sewing is like a filled point, perfect for covering the cloth. I used a dense cotton cloth, at 18 threads per centimetre and sewn at 2 threads,  as it is the custom for sewing an IE. The colours were chosen to be as close as possible to the original ones, of the logo. 

Alina Goga is a French teacher at a local high school in Zalau. She is originally from Bihor and is quite passionate about hand sewing. She already sewed, by herself, 4 ii – traditional Romanian blouses, respecting all the canons  learned in the online handicraft workshop “Semne Cusute” and is currently working on her fifth blouse, which will be enlisted in the “Ia Aidoma” competition, organised by Ioana Condureanu, a Romanian architect.

The blouse she chose for this,  belonged to Princess Ileana. Alina was named a “meșteriță” (craftswoman) and is now working in another project through which the “ciupagul salajan” is being redone, an unique workmanship in Romania.”    Today is the first time that I , Yvette, proudly wear my T-shirt, at the beach in Helsingborg , Sweden.  

Check out The Bucharest Lounge on Instagram.  

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