DOR fusions with SAUDADES as Brazilian Actress Jacqueline Novak is in love with Romania.

13282697_1059722444073647_1070623863_oActress Jacqueline Novak from Brazil visited  Romania last year and fell in love with Romanian culture, Romanian villages and the traditional Romanian IE – the Romanian blouse.

This year she came back and we decided to make a promotional film of a Romanian village for Brazil, says Corneliu Tepelus, Romanian film director, writer and tour guide. He continues : The village where we filmed is called Voslobeni in Harghita county: This village will be the first Romanian village officially promoted in Brazil.  Romanian press was interested in Jacqueline and her story and she gave an interview for a news site and she became an instant personality:

O braziliancă promovează Transilvania la Rio! ”Într-o lume care şi-a pierdut sufletul, satele româneşti sunt o oază de lumină” | Ştiri, Ştiri interne, Ultima oră |


Corneliu explains further : Jacqueline talks about life in the village, traditions and customs. She will be back in Romania next year. Our film is in Brazil now where Jacqueline is presenting Romanian culture at film festivals and different other events. 

Here is a funny material of the: Making of – The wild side of Romania / Discover Transylvania

This is a collaboration between : Curitiba city, Parana province, Brazil and                        

Voslobeni – Harghita, Romania

Blouse :

Filmproducer :

Told by Corneliu Tepelus for The Bucharest Lounge.

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