Sighisoara – where our senses come alive

img_2554I was waking up in Sighisoara. What  a blessing ! The birds sang for me in the early morning and I felt a strong urge to go out and explore the town as it was slowly and gently waking up. From my window I could see the Medieval church tower and the houses blending, harmoniously , with the the greenery below.  The air was  crisp and fresh and I felt so calm.  Serenity is the word that comes to my mind !

If Sighisoara  was a painting you would find it  in soft yellow,  calm orange, terracotta red, vintage green and protective blue.  The architecture is, as in many of those Transylvanian towns, ornamental, decorative and highly looked after. Somebody really  gave it a good thought when building Sighisoara. It was a truly esthetic person !


Climbing the tower, in the city centre, is  a must. Even I, who is afraid of heights, did it.  What meets the eye , when you are at the top of the tower, is the terracotta coloured roof tops of the Sighisoara homes, homes that are embedded in the green and lush Carpathian Mountains.


Sighisoara is  a place where it is pleasant  to be. Not only is it beautiful, but people are very friendly and hospitable. Just sitting down by a café to watch life goes by is like hearing a melody of past times singing to us.
Sighisoara is also all the healthy and tasteful food from Romania. What about enjoying  fresh bread and salata de vinete here? The land is fertile around here and there is an abundance of delicious food in this area.

Something more interesting about Sighisoara : Vlad Tepes was literally here.

If there is somebody who knows a lot of Dracula, Vlad Tepes, it is my friend Vasile Lupasc who wrote many books about Dracula an also made a film that is launching soon. This is what he said :

Romania should not ignore Dracula. The man who saved Europe in 1462 provides not only a great, timeless story about courage and perfect leadership but also has at least  two huge advantages. The story of King Dracula is shaped in such a way that it can promote the whole country, not only one region. Vlad was born in Transylvania,  lived for a while alongside Stephen The Great in Moldavia and he ruled and fought his great war in Muntenia. Usually one country has to work and invest  a lot in creating a country brand and make the country well known  outside its borders. With Dracula is the other way around. The brand is created and made famous world wide , outside Romania, with zero investment from Romania’s part. We just have to manage it right,  this enormous opportunity!  The places  connected with Dracula are : Targoviste, Bucuresti, Giurgiu, Comana in Muntenia, Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Hunedoara in Transilvania and Suceava in Moldova.

I  encourage everyone who travels in Romania to learn the real stories about Vlad Tepes.
I think that Sighisoara should be on everyone’s itinerary when traveling in Transylvania  !
– Sighisoara is a sensual place where all senses come alive !








One thought on “Sighisoara – where our senses come alive

  1. In Sighisoara, I love the GREEN MEN carvings on the medieval up to Art Deco buildings. Over the years I’ve discovered maybe 12 such sculptures with leaves coming from the mouth and for hair and beards. The symbolism is essentially Roman and was adopted by Medieval masons and sculptors all over Europe. There are many in Germany, which is probably why Sighisoara has so many – the Saxon/Germanic influence being strong there

    Can I post pictures somewhere Yvette?

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