Balea Lake at the Transfagarasan Road

‘Trans’ means ‘through’ or ‘beyond’. Fagaras is a town close to the mountains. Transfagarasan means simply – through or beyond the Fagaras Mountains.

The Fagaras Mountains are majestic and inviting. If you listen closely you can hear the shepherd’s flute. If you listen closely you can hear the animals  eating the grass and you can feel the history of this place.

I am thinking of the people who made this phenomenal road, The Transfagarasan Road. What courageous and hard working they must have been ! They were track finders and made it happen that you and I can now cross the mountains by car.

When traveling here I can’t help but think of the people in the resistance  group. My friend Ioana Hasu’s grandfather was one of them and she wrote a Master Paper on this theme.

It was a time of Communism and in the Fagaras Mountains a small group to refuge.

We are coming out of  the mountains in Corbeni. Corbeni is in Vallachia. The houses and gardens are different there. It looks like a garden of Eden .

In Transylvania the houses are covered with a high fence and when entering the garden you will often find a very long and narrow space to be, where people cultivate vegetables and fruit and where some  also keep animals.  I love the Transylvanian homes  too !

In Vallachia the style changes and the gardens are open and more square shaped. I need to visit Corbeni one day, as I have an open invitation to come and visit wonderful Daniela Coroleuca, frequent friend at the Bucharest Lounge. 


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