Viscri –  the gentleness of the Romanian village. 

The gentleness of the Romanian village.

This is in Viscri, Transylvania. I would like to stay here.  The Romanian villages, as such, have huge potential when it comes to conscious & sustainable, niched, small scale tourism, eco-tourism and rural tourism.

In Viscri We are met with hospitality, a homemade drink, a smile, stories, calm, a green lush landscape, traditions kept alive. We connect in our humanity and it’s good to be in the Romanian countryside.

Viscri is only one of the Saxon villages of Transylvania. Of course, is a special one, due to his great fortified church which is part of UNESCO World Heritage ( Info  : Viscri info/     


The freedom I feel in the Romanian countryside is completely embracing me. The village is prosperous because people collaborate and became entrepreneurs. Now they promote village life and can live by it. Well done ! My compliments  to the Mihai Eminescu Trust. Read their full story here : The Viscri Success Story

Viscri has 500 inhabitants, of  which only about 27 are Saxons.

The foundation is patroned by The Prince of Wales.

The work of the foundation  not only covers the village of Viscri, but many other Saxon villages in Transylvania such as Crit, Mesendorf, Malancrav, Saschiz.

The village is located 40 km from  Sighisoara (40km). You have to quit the main road (DN13/E60) in Bunesti, and then a paved road will bring you here (8km).

You will not regret it !


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