Mogosoaia – A Brâncoveanu Legacy

I am always inspired by people who leaves eternal legacies.  They ignite a thought in me : What will be my legacy ?

Brâncoveanu did indeed leave a legacy. He is now a Romanian Saint after being a martyr in Constantinople. He also commenced an architectural style which is now referred to as the Romanian Renaissance style or simply the Brâncovenesc style.

Mogoșoaia Palace, or Palatul Mogoșoaia, as it is called in Romanian, is to be found about 10 kilometres from Bucharest in  Romania.

The palace was named  after the widow of the Romanian boyar Mogoș, who owned the land.

In 1714 Constantin Brancoveanu was executed with his entire family in Constantinopole, after refusing to convert to Islam.

The Palace is now a beautiful tourist destination, with symmetrical gardens and open spaces.  I especially loved the magical rose garden  !

The palace houses a museum and  an art gallery, Muzeul de Artă Brâncovenească.

The neo-Romanian style was born from the style of the monasteries, of the houses and of the palaces of Brâncoveanu and it became, through Ion Mincu and his school, the national style at the time of the affirmation of the cultural identities of the nations of Europe in the beginning of the 20th century.

The architectural Brâncovenesc style is found in the churches of the Monasteries of Hurezi, Râmnicu Sarat, Doicesti and Saint George’s New Church in Bucharest. Among secular buildings, the style can be found in Mogosoaia palace and the reworked Old Court. ( Wikipedia) .

Peace and harmony is what I feel when I visit the Mogosoaia Palace, outside Bucharest.

I was a bit stressed out before arriving in Romania. Coming to Mogosoaia made my heart calm again
Romania has many places like these. Places that soothe our souls.

Traveler’s who come to Mogosoaia  are enthusiastic about Mogosoaia :

One thought on “Mogosoaia – A Brâncoveanu Legacy

  1. Mogosoaia is one of my favourite escape destinations so close to the city. I love the architecture, old and new mixed together in harmony. Brancoveanu’s legacy is amazing, but we should not forget that Mogosoaia is so well preserved due to an extraordinary lady who used all her money to restore the property. Martha Bibescu sold her books and invested the money to bring a Venetian architect to restore the former glory of Brancoveanu’s summer palace. So, we can admire today the palace and the surrounding buildings thanks to her effort! 🙂

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