Interview with National Guide Camelia  Adriana  Roşu

Camelia Adriana Rosu was our guide for 4 days as we travelled in Transylvania,  a group of journalists from Belgium, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and USA.

We had all participated in the International Conference on Integrated Quality Management in Tourism Destinations,  organised by Autoritatea Națională pentru Turism and UNWTO.

I was curious to hear what Camelia’s  own favourites are and where she would go if travelling herself in her native Romania.

Here is what she said.

She would start in Constanta, at the National History and Archeology Museum, to see the mosaics and to learn more about the history of this area where east meets west.



She would also have a walk and appreciate the Casino, by the seaside.

Photo:  Constanta City Walking Guide

Afterwards she would embark upon a journey to visit the monasteries in Bucovina, especially the Voronet’s Monastery. 



Following the culturally rich Bucovina she would head towards Maramures and experience the soulful villages and traditions.

Here is a fantastic selection of photos from Maramures taken by photographer Gabriel Motica

Cameila is fond of the spas and natural treatments in Romania and she would definitely spend some time in  Herculane. 



After Herculane she would go to the Olt Valley, to Orsova , by the Danube river.  



Later she would see the fantastic houses in Cula.



She would end the trip in Bucharest where she would enjoy spending time at the Village Museum and the Herastrau Park.

She would go to the Old Town and sit down by the Villacross Passage.

She would see the church in Franceza Street and then wrap up the itinerary at the museum Hanul cu Tei.

Thank you Camelia for being a fantastic guide for 4 days !


You were very informative, flexible and friendly !

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