Peles Castle

The Peles Castle is a castle that the Romanians are proud of.

Hear a few friends of The Bucharest Lounge telling their stories  and impressions of the Peles Castle

Ana  :

Queen Elizabeth held quite often cultural events at Peles Castle for Romanian artists and young noble Romanian ladies. As a crown prince, Ferdinand attended these events and he was charmed by a Romanian lady, they’re love being nurtured by the queen.

They even secretly got engaged and the queen did not stop they affair despite the fact Carol stated in our constitution that no king or future king should ever marry to a Romanian. He’s decision was based on a very important political reason related to the fact that a marriage like this would have triggered a fight for power among the local noble families.

Therefore, hearing what Queen Elizabeth and his nephew Ferdinand were up to, Carol got furious and exiled both of them. He srnt Ferdinand back to his home in Germany, and the queen to her mother in northen Italy.

Moreover, Carol started to search the perfect match for Ferdinand and that’s how the British princess Mary became our second queen.


Carol dismissed three projects designed by foreign architects as they were mere copies of castles already built around Europe. The king wanted something similar to the royal Ruropean castles, yet unique 😊 During the first stage of construction, around 400 people speaking 12 different languages worked to build Peles Castle. Queen Elisabeth wrote on her journal how a normal day of work on the construction site looked like 🙂 She said one could hear people swearing in 12 languages, yet working together as one big family



Cristina Aralda What I liked about Peles Castle, is that it is easily accessible, both by car or train, but once you get there it really feels like it’s in the middle of nature, high up in the mountains, isolated and surrounded by misterious forests. The castle itself and Pelisor too, are simply breathtaking, and I mean both on the outside as well as their interiors. They radiate beauty, I felt overwhelmed by beauty everywhere I stepped, every little detail on their walls, the carpets, their art collections, furniture etc. Those feelings I had during my visit 10 years ago, are just as alive today. It’s one of the places in Romania I would highly recommend to any foreign visitor.

Adina Bradulet I have been there 2 times since I was a child. It was breathtaking every time. But last time I understood how much they worked to impress Sissi and Frantz Josef and that Peles at that time was having much more technology then Schonbrunn. A diplomatic purpose.
Every time you see Peles Castle you discover something new. I had every time the impression that I did not see all, that is much more to discover😀
We say Castle but in fact it is a Palace with beautiful stories, drama, secrets and amaizing decorations. I love the mirrors there..

Oana Gherman It’s been over 15 years since my last visit but I will always remember it because we got there shortly before closing time and the person who was guiding the tours of the castle took us to a few rooms and parts of it that weren’t on the official tour. We felt really special being kids and everything. We actually thought we won’t be able to visit but we had traveled for very far and he was very nice. I hope I will visit again soon…next year hopefully!
Tavi’s CornerI visited it with my American students last year. If you scroll down their blogs (the visit in Romania took 10 days), you’ll find some of their impressions.

Things are simple : A great ruler build two generations ago an awesome castle . The castle garden is a great place to find your inner-peace, just like Carol the First did. Also, if you search for inspiration for great decisions in your life, a trip to Peles will help you.

My friend Luminita took me to Sinaia and Peles Castel in 2013. Externally it is a beautiful sight. Internally, there are so many artefacts and relics to see, it is very difficult to remember even a small amount of the huge quantity of items on view. Also, the enormous number of rooms to see was quite breathtaking. I was extremely impressed.
Alina Deane Peles castle was , at it’s time , the most advanced and modern castle in Europe : it had it’s own ” conditioner air ” system , a ” hoovering ” system unique at that time , and over all it has been designed to perfection ! Always a pleasure to visit , no matter how many times ! It is always surprising !


Be prepared to pay if you wish to take pictures inside the castle.


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