Brasov – a Transylvanian treasure

A trip to Brasov starts for me already in Bucharest. Imagine leaving the big and buzzing Bucharest for the majestic  mountains. Already when  driving on the enormous Magheru Boulevard, heading north, I start to feel excited !  After having left Bucharest behind, you get onto smaller roads and you can see people selling their produce from their own gardens,  along the road. The season decides what you will find at their stands. I have bought eggs, potatoes, onions, honey, bors , melons and much more.


It is a fantastic feeling driving on the road and bit by bit seeing the Carpathian Mountains approaching you with its greenery, mountain peaks and – stories. The Carpathian Mountains hold uncountable stories of the people living there and passing by.

Brasov itself is an absolutely beautiful Transylvanian treasure !  The town is not big and the city centre is inviting you with a big square with ornamented, pastel coloured houses,  the clock tower , and a bit further away, the  Black Church.

When I was in Brasov  the weather was sunny and I could enjoy the  market at the square. I particularly   like to see the handmade table cloths and blouses, hand painted eggs , handmade jewellery, the  honey, zacusca, pollen crud, the jams and hrean.

I don’t appreciate plastic beach things at Transylvanian markets. I think that those who are responsible for markets need to think again.

Which stories do we want the travellers to share ?

Whatever sector within  tourism it is, be it food, adventure sports, history, mountains, traditions and so forth,  we need to think quality on all levels, so that the experience  in Romania will be 100% positive ! We want to WOW the traveler coming to visit Romania. We want to WOW them, so they want to come back. We want WOW them so that their friends also wish to come and visit. We need to maximise every micro-moment that the tourist has in Romania ! Many micro moments build up to one full experience !

Micro moments are also those moments when the traveler share their experiences on social media. Do we wish for them to share bad examples of plastic beach stuff or do we wish for them to share when they bought an authentic IA , handmade tablecloth or homemade jam ? The answer is simple, but the actions need to come from those in charge of those markets. 

We were very lucky this day, as the previous day was the Universal Day of the IA ( Romanian Blouse) we found a small, traditional fair taking place close to the city square.

I bought two rings of which one had the motif of the Guiding Star / The Northern Star, a symbol which we can find in many places especially on the European. It is a symbol that carries the stories of our ancestors who migrated on the European continent. It is a symbol for me, on how we are connected in our humanity, as people.

We were loosing ourselves in admiring the story of the IA and its symbols. We talked to crafts women who made jewellery and listened to their stories. We enjoyed seeing the traditional Transylvanian flower motifs on wooden items and we almost couldn’t leave from there. We connected through this authentic experience.

It was unique and could not be found anywhere else than there and then.

In Brasov, Transylvania, Romania.



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