The Smell of Thyme

Dear Romania,

I have known you for 31 years.

Today we celebrate Dragobete, Love.

I would like to share a special, maybe unpredictable kind of love memory with you today.

The smell of cimbru, thyme.


A dear friend of mine once sent me a big package with different food, from Romania to Sweden.  He knew very well what I like and what makes me happy.

It was December and the package was for Christmas. Imagine me going out in the evening, to meet the bus coming from Romania. It was dark and cold, rainy and horrible, wet and lonely. There I was, by myself, at the  bus station with a very motionless face. 

When I got my package my expressionless face turned into a huge smile, from ear to ear,  and my heart started to sing and dance.

Why ?

I could actually  feel the smell of cimbru, thyme,  before even opening the package! Cimbru from Romania, all the way up to Helsingborg, Sweden ! For me !  The strong smell of thyme came with a message from Romania, to keep on pursuing my dreams , to keep on doing what I do with the rebranding of Romania, to keep on spreading the inspirational stories from there.  It was so much love and happiness in that package !  I am ever so thankful to have a friend like the friend who sent me that package full of goodies that I love so much. His action spoke louder than words. The heartbeat of Romania could be felt, by me , in Sweden. 

It was something more. It was the natural kindness and hospitality of my Romanian friend. A kindness and hospitality he learnt from growing up in Romania. 

That is love.

I wish you all much love, every day, not only today.

Spread it often and sincerely ! 




One thought on “The Smell of Thyme

  1. Thank you, Yvette, for all you are doing to promote this beautiful country (from where I draw my roots, too).

    Regarding the Romanian “cimbru”, its relative absence in stores was an issue when I moved across the Atlantic. The equivalent of cimbru appears to be savory here (at least for me – I love cimbru and savory, whereas thyme is my only herbal “nemesis”, I cannot seem to stand it). I’d say thyme is more likely “cimbru de camp” in Romanian:
    – Thymus vulgaris – thyme: ()
    – Satureja hortensis –,

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