Gorgeous BohemianFlow

Meet the artists behind BohemianFlow and hear their story : 

“Atelier BohemianFlow (https://www.facebook.com/thebohemianflow ) is an artisanal project that brings a new and eclectic twist to hand painted porcelain.  Already two generations work in this project : my mother paints the traditional line and I do the modern pieces.

We like to collect and reinterpret the beautiful  traditional floral motifs of Transilvania and not only, bring them together on porcelain – but to offer an elegant, refined and playful tea & coffee experience to our clients.

The two most well known collection of Atelier BohemianFlow are ‘Transylvania’ and ‘Eclectic Herbarium’, they present lush flower bouqets on crispy white porcelain. Our pieces range from single coffee / tea cups to sets with teapots and also full breakfast and dining tableware, all with our delicious signiture style.

Besides our colorful line we also have monochromatic pieces, that tell stories of ‘cosy forest beast’ , funky herbariums or sweet coffee addictions, you name it :)”

Take a look at their beauties :


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