Meet the Creators of Romanian Brand: Dare to Rug

dare to rug

1.Tell me a bit about yourself: where were you born? Where do you live now? Formal training in art ? How did your upbringing have an impact on your art work?

We were both born in the rather small city of Focșani, located in the Moldova region of Romania. We studied in Romania and then Flavia continued her studies at the Politecnico di Milano, in Italy, and Andreea moved to Shanghai, China to work as an interior designer. We both lived and worked as interior designers in Italy and China for several years, until we decided we need to embark on a new adventure and launch Dare to Rug in Romania. We are now based in Bucharest, but we still travel the world in search for inspiration.

2. What is art for you?

Art is an infinite source of inspiration and an immense challenge for us to get better with every new day and every new project.

3. What is passion for you?

Passion is what started it all: passion for design, passion for solving interior design challenges, passion for life.

4. What is the soul of the Romanians about?  What do the words “dor” and “suflet” mean to you?

For us, “dor” is what brought us back home to Romania and what triggered our desire to create something that displays Romanian values and brings them out there for the whole world to see.

“Suflet” is what anchors us to the ground.

5. What is the beauty of Romania?

The beauty of Romania lays in its strong ties to the past, in its way of valuing family as the core of our lives and in its great visual inheritance – art, landscape, traditions (that not so many people know about, nor value that much).

6. What Romanian things, traditions, routines, ways,  etc, that carry meaning,  can Romania give to the world?

Romania has a vast history of craft. From the wood workers to the hand woven products, you can still find people that have the know-how. Unfortunately not a lot of these products make it outside of Romanian borders. Also, we are happy people, so dancing and celebrating traditions are very important to us.

7. How would you describe your work?

It’s a challenge every single day! To promote our products, to make people understand why rugs are important in a space, why natural materials make such a big difference and how they affect the quality of their lives, to search for inspiration and make the best choice for our next collection and to touch people’s hearts with our designs. That’s why we love it so much!


8. Who are your customers?

Our customers are people with a passion for design, who can understand and appreciate quality pieces of decoration. They are people looking for more than unique designs, they also want quality rugs, made with natural materials, good to the environment and that can encompass emotions and warmth.

9. What is the deeper meaning of your brand?

Our brand encourages people to bring great design closer to them, it tries to make them realize that rugs can be as powerful as any other piece of interior design and it challenges them to start their future interior design projects starting from a rug as the central element of decoration in a space.

10. What made you add a lot of Romanian, folklore elements to your work?

We want Dare to Rug to become an international brand and to promote Romanian design everywhere, so it made sense that our first collection should have strong folklore elements. Besides that, there is such a big diversity of patterns, which gave us the freedom to play until the final result was a beautiful mix of tradition and modern touches.

11. What are the next steps for your brand?

We have just opened our own studio in Bucharest and we are excited about how well everyone received the brand on the Romanian market. Now we are preparing our launch on the international market in spring 2016. We’re also working on expanding our network of contacts and we’re looking forward to collaborating with other talented designers (nothing about that yet, stay tuned!).

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