Discover what green wall horses are! 

 Discover Romanian brand Cai verzi pe pereți!   
1.Tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born ? Where do you live now ? Formal training in art ? How did your upbringing have an impact on your art work ? 
Well, I was born in Constanta, near the Black Sea in a quite artistic family. I moved to Bucharest 12 years ago for university and never left. I love the city and it’s way of being in a continous change. 
In Constanta I studied arts and design and then I attended the Interior Architecture Faculty in Bucharest. So, my work it’s a kind of mix of my passion for illustration and interior design. I make drawings and sketches that I covert to wall stickers.  
2. What is art for you ? 
To be honestly I never think about it. I guess art is a way of expressing myself and a way to connect with other people. In general I consider art any work that makes me happy or sad or revolted, that can generate emotions. 
3. What is passion for you ? 
Something I can’t live without!

4. What is the soul of the Romanians about ? What does the words dor and suflet mean to you ? 


This is a very difficult question! Maybe because I have the feeling that the Romanians are reinventing themselves lately. 

Dor and suflet are two words that quite rarely appear in my speech. They are old, strong and full of meaning, so, I can’t just use them any time and with anyone. They are closer to family and friends.


5. What is the beauty of Romania ? 

Probably diversity J 

Diversity in landscape, architecture, culture and people.

6. What Romanian things, traditions, routines, ways, etc, that carry meaning, can Romania give to the world ?
Unlike other European countries Romania keeps its traditions alive by living them. Even if this would seem quite extreme, there are people here living in the country side like 100 years ago or more.

I am glad that we realised this can be actually be something cool and we started showing it to others.

For example, my ex-partner, Bianca, moved in 2014 in the Transylvanian country side to create an agrotourism center called Casva Village.  

I think it’s really interesting to be an agro tourist in Romania!


7. How would you describe your work ? 
Quirky , funny, but minimal and smart. 
8. Who are your customers ? 
Usually young people and parents. Most of them come from the same background, they are interested in art and local produced and designed alternatives to big companies products. 

9. What is the deeper meaning of your brand ? 
Well, dreaming about “Cai verzi pe pereti”/ “green wall horses” means dreaming about impossible things. When someone wants to do something that you think they can’t manage you say that they are dreaming about green wall horses.

So, when giving up a job and becoming a freelancer in wall decorations it sounded the perfect name for the brand! And surely I demonstrated that you actually can dream about green wall horses! 

10. What made you add a lot of Romanian, folklore elements to your work ? 

Well, a few years ago a new culture wave began to surface: the rediscovery of Romanian traditional art and folklore in music, theatre, design, architecture and visual arts, etc. 

So, there was, and still is, lots of enthusiasm about the Romanian motifs and folklore in design. Bianca and me wanted to take part, so we created our first wall decal designs with reinterpreted traditional motifs. After that, naturally, more followed.



11. What are the next steps for your brand ? 
In the last two years I began to sell my products abroad and I plan to do so more and more. I am very glad about the feedback I get and on every product box is proudly written “created and produced in Romania”.

I also want to have more decal and wall paper designs, but also to work with more wall decorating solutions ( now I have in the shop wall stickers, wall paper, hangers, shelves and clocks ).


Thanks Yvette!



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