In  the darkness there is always light.

Last night I was working on my goals for 2016. The night reminded me of what my heart and soul know. Every day life throws challenges at us and sometimes we detach outselves from our dreams. I, personally need stillness, to be able to reflect and to progress. I worked until 3 in the night, last night. Undisturbed. It was fantastic ! Good morning to a fabulous Sunday !  How do you remind yourself about your dreams ? Leave a comment below.  


3 thoughts on “In  the darkness there is always light.

  1. Hi Yvette,
    I am working on my goals for this year too, one of which is to become fluent in Romanian! I haven’t been fortunate enough to visit yet, but already I love the language and hope to get there one day.
    I love all your posts, they give a tantalising view of this beautiful place.
    I look forward to more from you!

    1. Good luck!!! Romanian is a nice language, it can keep your mind really entertained. It is difficult even for us at times. I love teaching my own language and sicne I started I rediscovered the beauty of my own language and country.

  2. Hi Yvette, I am Romanian, from Bucharest. Unfortunately I live in Australia, Melbourne, too far for me to travel often back home. I follow your Romanian love story, mainly on Facebook, also on your emails.

    Thank you so much for loving my country just like we do, and also with the same ‘dor’ that we will always have.
    DOR is such a special word, not easy to translate, because it has such a heavy emotional implication.

    However you seem to understand it, and really appreciate the meaning of it.

    Thank you very much for all love and for everything you do to promote OUR country,


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