Romanian eggs and the quest for eating natural food. 

Look at these eggs. I bought them at the market close to where I live in Bucharest. They come from outside Bucharest. The owner of the stall brings them in the morning and they taste delicious ! The colour of the yellow yolk is so strong and the taste rich. These eggs are natural and humans are programmed to eat natural food . We are not supposed to eat chemicals. Think about it. Choose consciously when you buy food and in this way we can also help local producers to survive !    


One thought on “Romanian eggs and the quest for eating natural food. 

  1. My parents are now pensioners ,they retreat on Sinesti village (Olt county) bought a house there in 2006 they renovated the house, have their own garden ,they make their own food (tomatoes,cucumbers,onions,potatoes etc,they make wine in september,also owners of a chicken farm—we have 50 chickens until now,we have fresh eggs,also they made chicken soup ,of course,our neighbors have sheeps and cows ,fresh cheese from them ,we make food and vegetables exchanges between neighbors,all natural ,nothing to buy from supermarkets ,because we don’t need to buy these ,my parents have their own “supermarket” 🙂 etc

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