Smaranda Brăescu – first female parachutist in Romania.

This is Smaranda Braescu.  She was the first Romanian woman to get a parachuting license in 1928.  Having in mind this was at the late 1920’s I can’t do anything else but admire her a lot for being courageous, determined, skill-full and having plenty of guts achieving her dreams.

“She was born in the village of Hânţeşti, Buciumeni commune, in the present-day Galați County. After World War I she worked as a substitute teacher in her native village. In 1918, she flew for the first time in a Farman plane piloted by Captain Dumitru Naidinescu. In 1928, while in Germany, she bought a parachute, and jumped for the first time from a 6000 m height, becoming the first female Romanian parachutist. She got her parachuting license in Germany. On August 17, 1930, she was seriously injured and remained bedridden for six months. She owned two biplanes. In 1932, in her Miles Hawk, she established the record crossing the Mediterranean Sea between Rome and Tripoli (1100 km in 6 hours and 10 minutes). In the same year, in the United States, in Sacramento, California, Braescu establishes an absolute world record, previously held by an American at 21,733 ft, by jumping successfully from 24,000 ft (7,200m). From then on she becomes a heroine, being escorted by 30 other planes to an air show in Canada where she is invited. She was in the medical wing during battles on the Eastern Front in World War II, remaining active until May 12, 1945. After World War II, she signed a document condemning the November 1946 election, and was sent to prison for two years. It is believed she died on February 2, 1948, and is possibly buried in the Central Cemetery in Cluj, under the name of Maria Popescu.” / Wikipedia.




One thought on “Smaranda Brăescu – first female parachutist in Romania.

  1. This is the dark period ofour history (1945-1989)
    The communists after 1945 ruined Romania,killing our elites-democratic politicians intelectuals,teachers,doctors etc who was against communism suffering a lot ,they spent their lives in jails ,many died there,the sovietization of our nation,a satellite of Moscow, was complete until in 1958,when the red army retreat their forces from our territory.
    From this moment,everything in Romania was under their control,poltical and economic,full trains of resources going to USSR,weakened Romania ,like a vampire sucking you blood…in every year,no wonder romanian citizens starving many years…in 1989 when the Iron Curtain collapsed,that year found Romania in very poor condition ,and even now after 26 years ,..still poverty here in high percentage.

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