Meet Christina Chiriac from Flori de ie : ” Together we can do better for Romania “.

Meet Cristina Chiriac from ‘Flori de Ie’. ‘Flori de Ie’ is a fantastic concept store at the Baneasa Shopping Mall in Bucharest, where you can buy old and new IA. Stylish in its’ kind, beautiful in its’ soul, just like Cristina herself.

There is also an online store for those of you who are not in Bucharest :
    Flori de ie has new ie, made by women around Romania and old vintage ones. 
 Cristina Chiriac.  She is just as positive and optimistic as it looks like.  Equally down to earth as visionary. I love that combination in a person ! It has proven to be a very successful combination for Cristina. 

Cristina and I at Flori de ie.

Cristina is a well-known business woman and a vivid speaker within the filed of entrepreneurship.   She told me about a memorable moment when she chose to wear IA at business event. She was a bit hesitant, but her passion for the beauty of the IA and her determination to share the stories about the Romanian soul spoke louder than her hesitation. Here are some pictures from that event and other events  to follow, where she also chose to wear the  IA au lieu de a more classical outfit.

I am very drawn to people with guts, who think outside the box and pave the way. Cristina is just like that, creating possibilities and paving the way for others to be inspired from.

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She was very decisive when opening Flori de Ie and I have a feeling that this is the start of something really special.

Let me introduce you to some old, vintage IA that you can find at her store right now.

The beauty of the IA is the beauty of the Romanian soul. Imagine, these women who made these IA, they  had all this inside them and they expressed their beauty through the blouse.

The collective soul of the Romanian women is delicate and refined with a great sense of detail.


Here are a few wonderful new items made by the model of vintage clothing. This vest is for a child. Look at the fantastic embroidery.

White on white. That’s a very difficult technique.

Can you see the tree ? The tree of life. This blouse is new but made with the model of an ancient blouse.

-Can you hear me go…ohhhhhh….! Green is one of my favourite colours. Absolutely exquisite !

Crsitina in the book ” Proud to be Romanian”.

Every detail is thought through. I like that a lot. The blouse is packed together with a small bag of lavender, to keep the connection to the ‘tara’, the land. The blouse will also smell nicely  and  we are encouraged to take  good care of it. ‘Flori de ie’ is a special place and speaks to our senses. Just go there and experience it for yourself.

Here are some interesting items of art. Pictures displayed on a wood.

This is just the beginning of something very meaningful and beautiful ! 

For the Universal Day of the IA Cristina made a spectaculous and magical  event, bringing a musician up to the top of the Bucegi mountain , where the Sfinx is. In this way she both shared the importance of the IA, brought out a traditional musical instrument – the flute ( which is called nai in Romanian)  and had it being experienced on top of the mountain. I wished I was there.  Here are some pictures of the event:

11749531_1001684856543178_728032305_n 11753770_1001684726543191_1906558980_n 11778027_1001684713209859_572178149_n 11780612_1001684686543195_1491410178_n 11791610_1001684693209861_112011170_n 11793341_1001684709876526_1638785299_n

Crsitina leads the way with courage, endurance and faith. She has a professional, kind way which takes her where her dreams are. It was a pleasure meeting you, Cristina !

4 thoughts on “Meet Christina Chiriac from Flori de ie : ” Together we can do better for Romania “.

  1. absolutely 100% romanian soul… finally, a citizen (Yvette) coming from other country discover “inside’ of Romania,a complete DIFFERENT image about us,where in Western Europe is a “tradition” to promote in media ,press etc ,bad things about romanians (beggers,thievs,rapers etc) ,because these articles make “audience” there ,just always a negative image in their tabloids about us…

    A positive image about us like this promoted by Yvette ,don’t have such ‘audience” or “high rating” there ,unfortunately…

    I like to think, soon or later ,the true will come at surface and will be others who will discover us as normal people, like anybody else from Western Europe.

    we are not “vampires ,or Dracula”…that’s is a known image (stereotype) when a foreigner is asked about Romania.

      1. Romania have a HUGE potential for tourism (beautiful landscapes,Carpathian Mountains,The Black Sea Litoral,The Danube Delta (unbelievable paradise for fishermen,and a lots of variety of birds and fish,natural ecosystem there preserved,Transylvannia region is advanced more than other regions from Romania with many many medieval castles (see Sighisoara city) -Moldova,full of christian orthodox churches, “Voronet Monastery” have a still fresh blue colour painted on his walls since… 500 years ago, “the blue of Voronet” is famous , (Moldova -poor area,but warm people there with “soul” ! who invited you as foreigner to their table to share hald of braid or “mamaliga” (romanian corn porridge home made) with cheese , ,but not just in Moldova is like this,wherever you go inside the country, the people from here are the same,kind people.overall.

        What is wonderful here ,is that you like foreign tourist ,you could skiing on snow in the Carpathian Mountains,and then 2 or 3 hours later on the freeway ,you could go to swimm in The Black Sea,romanian litoral,Mamaia Beach and surroundings,then in Dobrogea ,1 hour later in the north of Dobrogea you could fishing in Delta Danube …
        The potential is huge ,people with skils are need to promote more well and efficient than in the present, our tourism…something are changed in the good direction,anyway ,still work to do on this chapter!

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