Fresh mint – and the quest for natural food.

In Romania we always eat so healthy. There is an abundance of natural food and I love that. However, Romanians tell me, with pain in their heart that globalization is reaching their door step too and many producers and farmers are struggling.  I always try to eat local, wherever I am. In Sweden I support my local farmers. When in Romania I simply refuse to buy fruit and vegetables from other countries than Romania.  It is a difficult battle, to fight huge multinational companies an systems, but I still believe in the power of the consumer. I believe in human values such as the strenght to change things.

Here is what I believe we should all do. Watch this film. It will only take a moment.

Here are some pictures I took when my daughter was enjoying the fresh smell of wild mint, picked up in Bucium, Transylvania.

IMG_8352 IMG_8357

IMG_8361IMG_8358 IMG_8360  IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364

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