Fasole bătuta, you took me by storm ! 

I had my first “salata de vinete” , eggplant salad, at my friends’ place in Bucharest and it was love at first bite.  “Zacusca” had me at hello. Now, “Fasole de batuta” took me by storm.

This is how my FB-friend Daniela Alexandra Lindblad makes it :

“Take dried big white beans. Soak over night so that they lose their “skin”. Boil them until they get soft. Use a mixer and add sunflower oil slowly and alternate with salt. You shall notice when it gets the right look. Then you can add black peppar and press some garlic. Mix some more. When done, add some paprika powder on top. I also steak yellow onions in stripes until they get brown. Then I add them on top. ”

Pofta buna !

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