Snapshot of this week. Thinking about kindness and solidarity.  I look around and watch our Europe  and our world around us. We talk about wealth and poverty in my son’s class at school. I read about Greece. I am travelling to Romania a lot, where people who have little help each other MORE than US who have a lot , here in Scandinavia. My mum was  fighting for women’s rights in the 1970’ties. I talk to my colleague Lisa Kron about how many people here seem “blasé” , that we don’t fight for things here in Scandinavia more. Why ? Because we feel so secure, because of a well-fare system that our grandparents and our parents here in Scandinavia created for us.

I am thinking of acts of kindness and how happy those actions make the receiver and sender. Small and big actions. Sometimes I am perplexed about the digitalizaion of my own Swedish society  and how I am sometimes FED UP, BIG TIME, when asking somebody for help or ideas and I get  this answer :  ” go to the net, here is a link, fix it yourself”. Everything should be done on the net and the human connections disolves in cyber space.

Oh dear, do we have an efficient society,  where we are supervised every step we take, by  freely giving out our personal number, having depending on this personal number with all we do. This personal number which also stops Eastern Europeans  to work legally here, because  very  few  SWEDISH employer wants to employ an easter European without a Swedish personal number. This results in Eastern Europeans working black, for little money and lousy conditions.  – And the naive and politically correct Swede ” takes a stand on Facebook” but when it comes to actually giving this Eastern European neighbour a real job, the door closes instantly.  Welll. I noticed that when I am in Romania, I see more, day -to – day actions of kindness, real, authentic actions. Not superficial ones.

What I try to say is, I have a feeling we are becoming so efficient here in Sweden, so digitalized, that our Swedish soul is disolving too…. We become so politically correct that we hardly dare to sing ” Den blomster tid nu kommer ” at the last day of school and we hardly dare to put up the Swedish flag,  because we are  scared of being taken for a racist.  I think the beauty of a country is its’ history, its’ tradtions, its’ language, architecture, art, songs, little funny specialities for this people and more.  In order to not be  wrong,  we don’t dare to do  anything and become scared to have opinions.

I hope that humankind’ess will continue to sooth our souls and that we stretch out a helping hand for those who need.  Here and everywhere.

Make soup for the hungry. Be kind to your neighbour, colleague, friend, family, someone in need.



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