A Soulmate


Photo : Vlad Dumitrescu.

A soulmate is a person who makes you feel life so intensely you never have felt life before. A soulmate walks into your life exactly when you need it.  It is the soulmate who mirrors you, who reflects your strengths and weaknesses, clear and obvious. Your strengths unfolds beautifully and naturally and your weak spots are brought into broad daylight, often in a brutally raw way.

The soulmate, may, if we are lucky, be our life-partner, but it may also be a friend.  The soulmate will be there despite time, distance, culture, language, finance, politics, family, friends, and any other circumstance.

If soulmates loose track of each other, they will find their way back, as it is “written ” like that. That is at least what I believe.  Soulmates may have met in childhood and find their way back as adults.

A soulmate is someone you are deeply connected to from the core of your soul and the bottom of your heart, when the meaning of life and life-purpose is only love. All the rest is secondary.

A soulmate does not rush, because you know that the two of you have time. Actually, I think that maybe  soulmates have even met in other times.  The connection to a soulmate is difficult to describe with words. Poets tried. Eminescu was close.

A soulmate may  bring out the worst part in you in order to help you grow and develop. He/she will guide you to your dark parts in order to bring light.  A soulmate also brings out the greatest love you have ever felt, eternal in its time, penetrating in it’s depth.

With a soulmate you have never felt so vulnerable yet strong, passionate yet structured and alert, full of love yet full of doubt.  Being with a soulmate is very intense as you have nowhere to hide.  Those of you who have experienced the presence of a soulmate are lucky! I think a soulmate is a gift and we must stay open and receiving for that kind of relationship. Some of us go through life with partners who we love and who we organize life with, in a fantastic way too, but they are not our soulmates.  Do you understand what I mean ?  I don’t say that one love is better than the other. Love is love is love.

When you are with your soulmate there is the sense of ” the stars are right ” and that ” this was meant to be”.  It is very difficult to let go of a soulmate. If it is a partner, the relationship can be very demanding and passionate. Sometimes we need breaks from a soulmate, in order to digest what we learned, because we learn big lessons from our soulmates. And they learn from us. They see us how we are at the core and there is forgiveness for mistakes, as they are part of life.

When you are with your soulmate, you have a strong sense of ” home ” and “belong” together with him/her.

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