Success story 2 : Razvan Bors.


By : Reviro

Razvan had always dreamt about studying abroad; since highschool even. He saw it as an adventure and it was a challenge he wanted to pursue. Determined, as any young man should be, he strategically followed a Business Administration program in English in his Bachelor years in Bucharest, in order to be as prepared as one could be, when crossing to another country and the language you’re most comfortable with shifts. As it was, Razvan left in 2012 for The Netherlands having entered the Business Studies (Marketing Track) Master of Science program from the University of Amsterdam.

Reviro  had an inspiring talk with Razvan, the outcome of which you can read below.

Reviro(R): What made you want to pursue a degree abroad?

Razvan Bors (RB): I have wanted to do it since highschool, but from a financial point of view it was more convenient to do a one year Master outside the country. My ambition wasn’t to relocate there permanently, but to have an international experience that will allow me to grow, both personally and professionally, and become more independent.

R: Were you up to date with the opportunities back home? How were you relating to the Romanian job market while in The Netherlands?

RB: I can’t say that I was 100% connected to the national business reality, but the general impression I had back then was that in The Netherlands I could find a lot more interesting internship programs whereas back home I couldn’t really pin point a diversity in terms of graduate programs. Nevertheless, I returned to Romania for personal reasons (my friends and family are all here) and also because it’s easier to find a good position in Romania and become financially independent faster than in a foreign country, let’s say. Here we have lower taxes and in general lower living expenses and arguably an international degree brings a comparative advantage compared to other candidates on the job market.

R: Was it hard finding a job once you returned?

RB: Not really. I did take my time in order to find the appropriate place and with Reviro’s help I managed to do just that. I love my job and I am grateful to the team working at Reviro for helping me to find such an opportunity.
R: Tell us more about what you do.

RB: I work as a Marketing trainee in a small team within the same company as Mihai (previous article), which is amazing because this gives me a bigger responsibility and also an opportunity to learn more. I handle all advertising materials that go on the market for a specific animal products label, from a sticker that goes on a package to a banner on The Palace Hall.

R: What added value do you feel you bring to your new job as a result of your international experience?

RB: In terms of soft skills, I feel I can adapt with greater ease to a multicultural environment, I’ve learned how to behave and interact in such a setting and also to socialize more naturally and respect cultural differences.

R: Professionally, do you think you can grow faster here than you could have working in a similar position abroad?

RB: It’s hard to say since I didn’t work when I was living abroad, but overall I would argue that in Romania I feel more comfortable from every point of view: I understand the culture, the language, whereas in The Netherlands I would have felt a bit like a stranger no matter how much I would have integrated within the team at work and learn to speak Dutch. It’s all about customs, communication nuances, a country’s culture, all things I don’t possess which in turn would have made my adaptation there a bit difficult. However in Romania it all comes natural and that alone gives me a confidence boost when I’m a new environment.

R: That’s all very true and we’re glad to have part of this transition of yours to the job market. But speaking of, where did you first learn about us and what we do?
RB: Within a career event I took part in when I returned to Romania. Networking is key in any business and that’s how I learned about Reviro’s mission. I was pleasantly surprised when I went online and found exactly the type of opportunities I was looking for and by that I mean challenging programs in good companies that would allow me the platform to grow and gain experience, while at the same time being remunerated for my work and efforts.

After I submitted my application through your platform I had my first interview with Ioana (n.r. Reviro recruiter) which wasn’t at all the classic interview pattern one might expect to have. The talk was very practical oriented, the questions were spot on and the means was to help me understand the company’s requirements and whether my expectations were met. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t the type of discussion which you can read so many articles online about and have already in your mind standardized answers. I felt a very open and honest connection with her and this transparency factor made me feel confident that I will find an opportunity that’s linked with my aspirations at home.



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