Let’s go outside and play !

Play and rest.

Kids are natural inquirers, curious and easily fascinated ! They can be drawn to the wonders of magic in an instant. They love stories and to sit in a circle to hear a good fairy-tale being told.

Kids are also growing and they need to be physically active, use their bodies, to develop. They need to spend time outdoors, without us adults interfering too much, be creative and find solutions. They don’t need to have all their spare time planned. They don’t need to be “entertained” all the time. Sometimes they need to be “bored” in order to become creative.

IMG_9814 IMG_9784


I, in my role as a mum, think it is challenging, when we have now, things called ipads, computers and other screens. I limit their time, but still hear this : ” Can we watch a film, can we play on the Ipad….” etc. In my house I said that kids can not do screens when they have friends over. They can watch a movie at the end of the day, if they have a sleep-over. They can play for 30 minutes on the ipad or computer. I am sure there are as many solutions as there are parents.

What is it like where you are ?

I listen with confusion at discussions where adults commenting on how kids behave “these days”, with regards to time spent playing on computers and in front of screens, as if it was the kids fault !!!

Here is what I think : It is us parents, educators and adults, who needs to lead with the good example. If we are in front of the computer or in front of our smart phones when kids see it, they will want to do as we DO. If us, as parents allow them to play in front of the computer for hours and hours, then its not the kids fault. It is the adult who allow the child. The adults set the limitations.

Our times is a time of speed and that does not fit with the pace of a kid. Kids are slow. They stop and smell the flowers on the way to school, they would read a book in the car , if there is one, they don’t have to have a smart phone in their lap.


We need to rethink childhood, and how we want our kids to grow up. My father sometimes says that us, the parent generation of today, “steals the childhood of the children” now, by allowing them to become so attached to the computers and spend so little time with free play outside.

IMG_9658 IMG_9660 IMG_9669 IMG_9701

Let’s go outside and play with our kids !

I created a community about this:  100 Things To Do with Children and I invite you to come over there if you also want to encourage the kids in your community to outdoor play, nature, sports and culture.

/Yvette Larsson,
One ItemThe Bucharest Lounge


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