Career opportunities for young Romanians

The Bucharest Lounge has come into contact with Reviro, which is a career consultancy and recruitment start-up that helps young Romanian graduates with international experience to find a job.

Here we are sharing their insight about finding work to young, educated Romanians, returning to Romania.

This innovative idea came to life in August 2013 through the combined efforts of Alexandru Ghita and Adriana Comaneci, Reviro’s Managing Partners, who wanted to give a helping hand to young Romanians studying abroad who wanted to return and work back home.

Poza articol Reviro

Lower you can find an article written by one of Reviro’s team members, Ema Barbă.

 What are the career options for young Romanians with international experience?


Every year, 5000 Romanian young people go to study abroad. Upon graduating, when it’s time to evaluate career options, young Romanians with an international background are faced with an information gap concerning work opportunities back home and employee requirements on the Romanian labor market.

A significant part of those who decide to return home to start a career are poorly connected to the business reality and are confused about which path to take.

The EDUCATIVA Group, a cluster of companies that have helped over 1500 people to study abroad through its study abroad advising center, EDMUNDO, has found a solution to the labor market information gap problem.

The solution came with the launch of Reviro in August 2013, a career consultancy service which aims at facilitating the access to interesting job opportunities in Romania to young Romanian graduates with international experience.

Reviro’s mission is to connect young Romanians with great potential and international experience to Romanian companies that can value the skills gained by the candidates in their endeavors’, describes Alexandru Ghiţă, president of EDUCATIVA.

He explains how Reviro’s mission completes that of EDUCATIVA: ‘Since 2005 we send thousands of Romanian young people to study abroad through our university fairs and EDMUNDO, our study abroad education service. But the issue wasn’t just sending them abroad, but also facilitating their return to Romania’, he emphasizes.

‘Studying abroad can truly contribute to a person’s personal and professional development. Also, I believe that this experience is best put into practice in a culture that you belong to, which you understand completely. In the long run, the vision is to have people return to Romania and start new business ideas, NGOs, social projects or governmental initiatives based on the models in the countries they have lived in.’

Adriana Comăneci, Managing Partner Reviro, explains that Reviro targets businesses in Romania that have a powerful company culture aimed toward employee development. Among the companies that want to hire Romanian graduates with international experience are listed multinationals such as Mars Romania, Vodafone, Procter & Gamble or Softwire, start-ups such as Bookster, mReady, but also NGOs, for example The ASPEN Institute or Teach for Romania.

In its 9 months on the market, Reviro has identified career opportunities in areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Management Consulting, but also targets other domains such as Engineering. Recent graduates may be interested in The Management Trainee programs, in which companies invest in young people who can later on become part of the executive board of their Romanian headquarters. Also, internship positions might be appealing for young graduates, Adriana clarifies.

She adds that: ‘Reviro’s aim is to identify companies that value international experience and that can provide interesting jobs that inspire and encourage employees to bring added value. We intend to dispel the myth that there are no interesting job opportunities in Romania, jobs that which can represent a return of investment for those who come back’.

An example is Mihai Mâinea, a bright young Romanian who has a Bachelor from Canterbury University in the United Kingdom and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Mihai has been involved in various internship programs in Thailand, India and China and is now part of an important multinational company in Romania, as Business Analyst.

’One of the main reasons I returned to Romania was that here I could find better job positions than in any other place due to my competitive advantage of having such a diverse academic and professional background. Romania’s market is interesting and expanding and overall it is a good time to be here. A lot of companies are growing with today’s economy and there are a lot of interesting things happening on the market; a situation which one cannot encounter on the English saturated market’.

Those interested in developing a career in Romania can upload their CVs on To stay informed about job opportunities back home, one can subscribe to the Reviro newsletter. Available positions are advertised on the company website, on the Facebook page, in the newsletter, but also via the ambassador network, representatives of Reviro, who are currently studying abroad and are promoting the initiative in international campuses around Europe.

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