A garden in Bucharest

They say that, to grow a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Today’s pictures are from a garden in Bucharest, where my friends live.

Summer is approaching Romania and with the warm weather fruit and vegetables are starting to get ready, colourful flowers are in abundance and my ” Dor de Romania ” , my  deep  longing for Romania, is only getting bigger and bigger.

I believe that, those of us, who have a garden should grow our own food, as much as it is possible. Imagine if we all did that ! More people could eat healthy, natural food, without chemicals, without global companies influencing what we eat.

Romania is a hot country and could be self-sufficient with regards to food. I always promote eating products of local producers.

It makes no sense going to Carrefour to buy tomatoes from Holland, or apricots from Greece, when Romania has it all !

Take a look at this inviting, healthy and happy garden. I promise you that the people who live there take good care of it and appreciate it !

Enjoy these picture from today !


Tasty pears, mmm…


Parsley is widely used, by the Romanians,  in a lot of different kinds of food. 


Potatoes. Oh dear, I go a long way to eat my friend’s homemade French fries ! The new potatoes are the best ! 


Spring onions go well with almost anything !

How I love coming to this garden and just pick up as much as I want. Compare that to buying them at a supermarket, a veggie that has been transported from another country, sometimes packed in plastic and …well….you get the picture ! Let us all try to eat as natural as possible!


Apricots that will be very juicy and delicious this summer.


These are plums that are growing in the sun, in my friends’ garden.  Just the thought of the taste

makes me go : Mmm….!!! 
Cherries are very sensual, just as Romania. 



Here are some wonderful pictures of flowers that I would like to share with you !


How delicate, feminine and exquisite this rose is !  It is seductive and absolutely perfect!


This is poetry !  Like a garden of Eden ! Paradise on earth… I want to be there with people I love.


Eternal love for all that is alive and grow.


/Yvette Larsson, May 2014.


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