ONE ITEM is looking for a sponsor

One Item is a private initiative in which we collect donations to children and families in the area of Valea Screzii, Prahova, Romania.

It started in December 2011 when I heard about Valea Screzii from a friend. – The main building of the Children’s camp burnt down and my friend heard about  it. He said  to me : let us all give ONE ITEM  and support the children and people in Valea Screzii.

Since 2011 I have  had two trucks going with donations from Scandinavia to Romania. I have also spent some time there, last summer.  This spring, 2014,  we have collected donations for the third time.

The Principal at my school, The International School of Helsingborg, has provided me with a storage and people have come with their donations all spring. We have also picked up donations from people around Helsingborg.

Soon it’s time to wrap it up and we are now looking for a sponsor to pay for the transportation.  We have 50 cubic metres of donations and we are looking into a fee of approximately 1000 euros.

If you or your company can help, please email me on :


1491713_10151951285161910_6950272861801490309_n 10341670_10151951285071910_8136962138283940103_n


Yvette Larsson, founder of the Bucharest Lounge and One Item.


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