MUMDAD_20130413_2169I was at the  Sweden 3.0  conference almost a year ago. We talked about the identity of Sweden and how the world is changing.  We talked about democracy and that is a very tricky one.

This blogpost is about EU vs. Europa. I believe in the diversity of Europa, but I don’t believe in EU.  Read why.

Swedish democracy goes in one direction and the EU ‘s governance in a different direction.

EU is demolishing our cultures and mould us into conformity.

We are not conform !

My fascination for Europe  is precisely the opposite. It is the diversity that is the strength. Diversity of languages ​​, people, traditions, food, architecture, legends and stories, design, music  and more.

Now, let’s take an example from our everyday lives. As simple as the cucumber. We should not be lured into thinking that a cucumber must look a certain way, just to pass EU laws. Naturally grown cucumbers  come in many ways !!! Cucumbers have had different shapes ever  since the beginning  of time – and it’s been healthy  to eat them up  until now. However, now we have EU regulations. Those EU rules are man made and they  say that a cucumber needs to look and be a certain way. Oh God !

Another example from everyday life in our Europe: playgrounds.  The fact that I have kids makes me prone to spend a lot of time at playgrounds:-)  I have a question, why is it, that if I go to a playground in Norway, Denmark, France, England or Romania many of the playgrounds look the same, as made by the same manufacturer ? Is it the same company that builds for all so that ” EU law” will be kept in order ? Oh, my God !

We should all reflect on the fact that the number of companies that  actually control our lives, is very small. There was more diversity before !!! Now, many companies go into conceptualization, franchise and alike.  Result : everything becomes the same and small, local manufacturers are swallowed by bigger concepts.

Take a moment to think of European capitals.  When visiting a European capital you will find basically the same stores dominating the city centre. Chain stores. Where did local diversity go ?

I say no thank you!

It is time to do something about it. We must begin with ourselves, within our families and  our immediate communities.  We must question things and do differently. The EU is not something that is written in stone.

I believe in peoples  inner strength to change…

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