The Rustic Feast : The Harvest of Good Deeds


The PACT Foundation is doing great things in and for Romania.

Next week is the Rustic Feast. This is what PACT says about it :

“The Romanian folklore is rich in motives and beautiful stories. On the 9th of October, at Manuc Inn, starting from 7 p.m., PACT Foundation will bring back to life the Southern Romanian village in a Rustic Feast that revives old customs and traditions while hoping for their preservation and well-being.

Whether you will take delight in traditional dishes, doina rhythms or you will raise a glass of Romanian traditional drink to the harmonious sounds of local musicians, the Rustic Feast, The Harvest of Good Deeds will capture you and you won’t even know when you grabbed the hand of the other participants to join the hora.

When you come, you will be welcomed by a living exhibition of arts and crafts displayed by the people from our communities, small workshops for old ways of weaving clothes or wicker baskets, making brooms, manually processing wood or modeling clay, handmade folk dolls and many other items inspired by traditional customs and talented people ready to guide you on a journey to discover them.

Because this evening is more than a feast, it is a harvest of good deeds, during the event you will have the opportunity to support all these traditional treasures of the village and the people living in harmony with them by participating in an auction of special gifts and activities offered by our partners and people from Foundation PACT communities. The auction will be conducted by Brian Jardine, Partner Wolf Theiss.

To join the harvest on the 9th of October, your contribution will consist of 100 euros / couple as an entrance fee.

For details and confirmations, we expect your email at ioana.traista@ and / or 0723

334 645. In advance registration is necessary. To keep up with news about the events, follow us on:

At PACT Foundation, we work with people living in rural areas and small towns from Southern Romania in order to create structures of civil society which we define as community based organizations and which we sustain to be active, efficient, effective, sustainable and visible in their region.

Our vision is that a large number of people living in rural and small urban areas should be active locally, to findsolutions to the problems of their communities, to directly contribute to their own economic and socialdevelopment, and to that of the community they belong to.


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