This is Bucharest

Put Bucharest on the map

When we think of Paris, London or Rome we have already an image in our head before even going there. Those cities are established and well- traveled to.

With the Bucharest Lounge I ‘d like to put Bucharest on the European map. I’d like to see Bucharest as a city, to stand tall and proud, not to be mistaken for Budapest and I would also like for the world outside Romania’s border to get to know the landmarks of Bucharest.  Face it. Very few knows about Romanian landmarks except for the Romanians themselves.

The identity of Bucharest 

I would like to see campaigns from the advertising industry that are stating  a clear and inviting identity of Bucharest. The days to refer to Bucharest as “ Little Paris” are gone. Bucharest is in itself a unique being, with its own landmarks, history, abundance of culture which is to be seen and experienced in architecture, folklore, the music scene, literature, art, and more.

I hope to see more initiatives such has The Happyholic/ Romaninanology and the Mihai Gungu and Melania Stoleru  campaigns. The Gandul campaign one was a zero euro budget campaign that got lots of attention in foreign media. Humour was used in order to tackle UK skepticism towards Romania (and Bulgaria) and immigration, in a brilliant, sharp, yet warm way.

– That campaign was reactive. I wonder what a  proactive campaign from same people would look like ?

Social Media

The world we live in is a visual one. Through social media pictures play a big part in our everyday media consumption. The world needs to see more pictures from Romania. More Romanian  tourism Facebook-pages need to start writing in English too, to reach out to more people.

The Eastern European capitals, that were under Communism for a long time, are less known for my generation. We don’t know much about them.

Tourism and  advertising have work to do, in order to invite people back to Romanina.

Tourism and advertising have work to do in order to invite people to Bucharest, to have people discover this Eastern European capital:  the city of Bucharest.

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