Questions and Answers with the Founder of ” Sunt Roman, deci pot”.

1. Tell us a bit about the man behind : “Sunt Roman deci pot”.

Behind this project is a simple man. I graduated SNSPA, Public Administration with a Master degree in European Public Space. I’m part of a generation that has values, that is educated and knows Romania and its’ history very well.

2. What made you start “Sunt Roman deci pot” ?

I revolted towards a couple of pages on Facebook that were named with words like “Romanian” or “Romania” but had little to do with this country. They are just running for likes and I didn’t like that.  Additionally, I started it because I felt that many Romanians seek for alternatives, they seek for projects that can make them smile.

We are, at this moment a sad nation, with lots of problems, and the Romanian media presents only problems, political, social and so forth. But in Romania a lot of  good things are  happening. There are many Romanians who want to change things, that want for Romania to change. Romania has given us a lot and we need to start caring for her.


3. What is your drive and passion ?

My drive? Keep on getting better. I’m a perfectionist!  My passion? Romania! I’m so in love with Romania, our history, our geography, our traditions, and our way of life. Of course, there are so many things to change, but I must say: Romania is awesome and unique!

4. You post a lot of pictures of historical persons on your page, which I personally love. History is a part of a cultural identity. Tell me how you look at history in a Romanian context ? Building up the cultural identity of the Romanians ? 

In an ironical way of viewing things, Romania was really unfortunate. After the second World War, Romanians were waiting for the Americans and we got USSR. Romania got into war to bring back to the mother country territories that were stolen from Romania. We didn’t want to conquer anybody. After  half of Europe was abandoned by the United Kingdom and USA in the hands of USSR, in Romania began destruction, in so many ways.

After the Revolution in 1989 everyone hoped that things were going to change, but in many ways they didn’t. Actually, in my view, we don’t live in a democracy, not even right now, after 23 years. Our former president Iliescu said after the Revolution that he would implement, in Romania, “a human faced Communism” and that’s what he did.

5. What would you like to say about the Romanian language?

I don’t know a lot about the Romanian language, to be honest. When a part of Dacia was conquered by the Roman Empire many said that the Romans civilized the Dacians, our ancestors. But that’s a huge lie. Here were found the oldest writings in history and that’s not all. The Dacians spoke a vulgar Latin. We are not Latin, we are Dacians, descendants of the Thracians people.

6. What can you tell us foreigners about the Dacians ?

They were highly developed for being that time. After all, they were monotheist, believed in one god, Zalmoxes. They put a lot of interest in astrology, building roads, mining and so on. They were also great drinkers of wine and knew how to party. That’s maybe why we are such party people after 2000 years. 🙂

7. What is Romanian identity about in your view ?

The Romanian identity was starting to take shape  about 150 years ago, after Cuza united Moldavia with the Tara Romaneasca. Many say that Romania should be named Dacia, not Romania. Our problem is that we united very late, if we would  have done this  100 years earlier things would be  different.


8. What do you see in the Romanian society right now ?

I  think of only  one word: confused.

The educational system is almost dead. The Romanian media presents only tragedies, negative political news and so on. There is a lot of manipulation in Romania.

Romanians have a great flaw: we are not united!

That’s a big issue in Romania. Last years the Romanian society was split in two camps: USL and the others. One can’t have a healthy society when there’s so much hate into it. I tried to talk to them and say: We are all Romanians and we need to start the process of change together. Well… the answers were hard to reproduce.

9. What would you like to see more of ? Less of ?

I`d like to see unity.

I`d like to see that Romanians knew the value of Romania, knew its’ history and how amazing it is.

10. What is the beauty of Romania?

The beauty of Romania can be seen everywhere. In people, in traditions, in the amazing landscapes, in our music.

People should come and spend a week in Romania and they would  never want to leave.


11. What are the values that Romania can contribute with to the world?

Oh! There are so many!

We have amazing food, we have brilliant people, with amazing ideas, we have a history of many thousands of years, we have exquisite landscapes, traditions held by 2000 years and so on.

I think that we can contribute to the world with our past values, but also with our present ones. We have brilliant minds for every single domain, even if it’s poetry, engineering, football players or gymnastics. We have amazing writers, actors and directors. Our students  are winning medals international contests. We have traditions that you can’t find anywhere else in the world and of course… we are a very warm nation.
12. Favourites.

– What are your favourite places in Romania?

Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara and Iasi. As for places I love Bucovina and Maramures.

– What are your favourite places in Bucharest ?

The parks in Bucharest are amazing, like Cismigiu and Herastrau! Also I love the Romanian Atheneum.

– Who are your favourite Romanian painters, musicians, authors ?

Nicolae Grigorescu, Tonitza and Sabin Balasa are my favourite painters. For musicians I was raised with rock, so let’s say Iris, Holograf, Cargo. For authors, I’m in love with Eminescu. I think that not even now do we realise how huge he is. I feel that in every single poem he hid a secret message. Of course, I can’t forget Creanga, George Calinescu and Liviu Rebreanu. And for contemporary writers, I like how Mircea Cartarescu writes his thoughts. He is unique, and that’s very rare these days.

13. What makes you happy ?

Smiles. I like to smile everytime I have the chance. I smile at little things, I smile when I see happy people, I smile when I listen to music, I smile when I see Romanians that are just brilliant and want to make that change that Romania needs.

Thank you so much for taking the time answering the questions !

The Bucharest Lounge.

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