People who Inspire : FurgaMurga


Silviu & Corneliu Gavrila. The two brothers of FurgaMurga.


1. Who are you,  founders of Furga Murga?

Tell us a bit about your background and what Furga Murga is all about?

 Corneliu: We are two brothers. We both graduated the Textile University; I graduated the leather design department and Silviu, my brother, the textile design department.

After University, in 1993, I fell in love with natural tanned leather and the traditional way of treating and manufacturing leather. 2000 was the year when I decided to dedicate my life to this craftsmanship.

In 2008, Silviu joined the project having behind him 12 years of experience in the fashion industry. So, this was the moment when we decided to build a new concept based on tradition, a concept about natural tanned leather that is made by hand.


2. Why did you start it?

Silviu: Our main objective was to get to a high quality level in terms of manufacturing. To have a great product that we can offer to beautiful people. That, in time, brought us the hope to get forward.


3. What is your drive in it and  your passion?

We blended passion, dreams, fresh air, a little bit of inspiration, tradition, symbols, music, green grass and a lot of work under a folktale’s name.

4. What does the name means in English ?

Furga Murga is a traditional Romanian tale about a boy.  He fights to succeed in life.  His name is Furga Murga. Furga Murga is another name of Prince Charming.

We liked the story and the symmetry of the name, especially that we are two brothers: one can be Furga and the other Murga.

 “… especially now when the emperor and all of the court saw that Furga Murga is not a commoner but a magician or maybe a man from another world who could give things the magic touch.” – The story of Furga Murga


5. Who are your clients?

Corneliu: Our products are supposed to be an extension of the owner’s personality. We like the idea of dedicated products as we want to know something about the person who buys our products. All in all, we want to find a good home for our products. Most of the time, we are happy because we know that they are in good hands. In time, many clients became our friends.

 Silviu: We are in a sort of  throw away society, full of junk, that needs to be counteracted with well made products, done with passion and responsibility; valuable products that are going to last over years, over generations.

Our client is the one who understands the concept of feeling natural. The one that will feel the natural touch of a product finished with care, with life and inspirational; even if we are speaking about a traditional bottom drawer, a briefcase, a photo album, a handbag or a simple business cardholder . The most important detail is the personal feel/touch/affair that the client has with the product.

6. Why the choice of simplicity? The Romanian folklore is so full of ornaments…

Corneliu: Our product is characterized by a simplicity that has in the background a lot of perseverance to obtain perfect shaping and perfect volume. We spend weeks to obtain the shape we want and days to finalize a sole product.

Our products convey a statement when they are simple. A touch of symbols on them come to define and complete the final product.




7. What are your further plans, visions and dreams with furgamurga?

We dream to succeed, exceed our limits; find the right people, the right clients. The plan is to show people the true Romanian traditions and manufacturing.

Our vision is a perfect product that is unique in its own way. A product that can tell something about his owner; that can tell something about the people that made it.


8. As this is the Bucharest Lounge, what is in your eyes: the beauty and the meaning coming from Romania?

Everyone who has visited Romania at least once would feel it, therefore I would talk for those who didn’t.

As the true beauty of Romania can be found and experienced only by coming here, I will appeal only to their imagination. Imagine the silence of the mountains, the serenity in the children’s eyes, the warmth of the Romanian hospitality, the feeling of unity of the Romanian family around the table, the traditional life of the Romanian village. In a few words: Tradition, Family, Community.

Corneliu: If I would have to use two words that will be Faith and Tradition.

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4 thoughts on “People who Inspire : FurgaMurga

  1. Silviu stated, “We are in a sort of throw away society, full of junk, that needs to be counteracted with well made products, done with passion and responsibility; valuable products that are going to last over years, over generations”.
    I (and many other people) agree with him, completely. This “throw away” society is fed by a greed for money.
    It will only last for a short time until, in a few generations, people will be forced to learn how to make decent, traditional items again.
    I wish Silviu and Corneliu, noroc bun, or good luck. 🙂

  2. You know, by necessity, in childhood, I happened to sew leather – my own shoes and boots, when the zipper needed to be re-stitched. It was a very strange and pleasant feeling, hand sewing on the marks of the old stitch and I was trying to do it as good as I could.
    When I looked at the pictures here, the one with the sewing detail, green-brown reminded me of those times…

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