I can or I can’t : It’s an attitude. Talk with Dragos aka PUYA


I got to talk to Puya, or Dragos, as his real name is, at Sole d’Italia at the Militari area in Bucharest, one November evening.  He is a hugely listened to Romanian rap-artist.

Why Puya?

In September, last year, when I was ”re-discovering” Romania I heard his song ” Change” on the radio and that song captured me, and I stopped for a moment, and became curious about him as a rap-artist and person.

This was  a time for me when I tried to understand a Romania that has changed a lot since I first came there in 1985.

First I didn’t hear if he was singing ” I can change the world” or ”I can’t change the world”. Both could have been relevant put in a Romanian perspective. The optimist and believer in me liked ” I can change the world”.The realist and pessimist in me may have thought ” I can’t change the world”.

I mentioned this to Puya and he smiled and said : ” Well, it depends. On a good day you CAN change the world”.

I wanted to meet Puya because he seems to be somebody who wants to change things in Romania through his music.  The Bucharest Lounge is on a constant quest wanting to meet people in Romania from all walks of life, who inspire to positive changes in Romania.

In their way.

With their own set of skills.

Puya through his music.

I aksed him if he was always into music and expressing himself like he is now. He told me that during Communism days he was chosen to read poetry in front of and for the President, so yes, he was, from an early age , used to the stage and to perform. If you do things with passion and enthusiasm others are likely to follow. In Romania he has lots of fans. For example, the song ” Change” has been seen by +4,4 million people on You Tube.

As I see it he wants to wake up people in Romania, have them open their eyes and see how things are in Romania today.  He tries to use media in a positive way as in trying to shake people up and question the things they see in front of their eyes happening in their country, as we speak. He challenges the status quo.

There is something genuine about him. Something that goes to the core of who we are as people and how lots of people these days are distracted. Puya, likes to enjoy the real things in life. Real food, real talks, real relationships with people. It’s refreshing to see this !

He speaks about education and how it has to change in Romania. How students are distracted today by media, quick-fixes and temptations abroad.  I am thinking about how the last Baccalaureate in Romania only had a bit over 50 % passing the exam. Yes, something needs to happen with education in this country.

I’m usually looking at the Romanians as highly educated, academic people, knowing many languages, very intellectual – and spiritual. Connected with the earth, so to speak. Yes, I do agree that something needs to be done with regards to education.

Romania needs to focus on educating the leaders of tomorrow.

A new generation of leaders is needed in  Romania.

One has to be a doer to make that happen.

I think Puya is a doer.

Actions speak.

Thanks for taking the time talking to me !


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