TEDx Bucharest 2012 : Oana Raluca Ghiocel


Picture from the TEDx Bucharest 2012 Facebook page.

Oana Raluca Ghiocel

Her talk was about Romanian history. She opened up with a picture of how the Neanderthal in Romania could have looked like, with red hair and green eyes. This triggered my imagination from the start. Yes, one can wonder about those computer made images and how true-looking they are. True or false, they still triggered my imagination.

Those Neanderthal were living around the area of the Bucegi Mountains and their civilisations are to be found around the area of the Carpathian Sphinx. There are findings that goes back 100 000 years ago and this nucleus would be a very important one in Europe. Now, there has been some unique findings, when ocra containers were found that dates back even 160 000 years ago. This means that history needs to be re-written.

Oana on stage was self-evident full of  self-esteem and a wish to share her stories. She had a sparkle in her eyes when telling us about Romanian history.

She was both soft & feminine as she was smart & sharp. The Bucharest Lounge loved to see that ! She is the kind of lady that I would love to sit with , out in nature, around a camp fire, listening to her stories about mankind.

I made another connection when listening to  her speech.  I hope those kinds of findings can bring Romania on the map for those interested in History. Romania is often looked over when it comes to Science. There are many amazing findings and inventions coming from Romania, but they very, very rarely get the attention and credit they need. I hope this will change. Because Romania deserves it and deserves a better reputation than it has.

Read an interview with her here 

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