TEDx Bucharest 2012 : Marcus Orlovsky

Marcus Orlovsky.


Marcus Orlovsky  smiled the minute he came up on stage and he fully ”owned” the room during his speech, He took the lead, he was clear, his content is important :  education and moreover, challenging the traditional way of teachings in schools, replacing it with a modern style where skills such as: risk-taking, team work, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking,  are equally important as the academical facts that the children are learning.  Happiness, hope and resourcefulness were other key words when talking about children and education. Marcus Orlovsky would like to see children more involved in schools, let them really bloom ! Us as adults and care-takers must give the child space to try.


See his passion ! Picture taken from the TEDx Bucharest 2012 Facebook page.

Furthermore, questions he asked were : how can school identify what the child is really good at ? And how do we measure success today ?  What am I genuinely good at ?

What was striking with him was his upbeat, positive and optimistic style. I felt it as he was speaking directly to me. He had charisma , was authentic and you could  feel his glow about education. His message was  heard and when speaking with others from the audience they all praised him for his outstanding way of transmitting his passion. As they say in French : Message bien recu. The message was well received. He is the kind of person who can make things happen because of his ability to transmit his idea. When his time was up we all applauded him for a long time.


Yes, content and presentational skills were both outstanding.


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